7 Annoying Misconceptions Everyone Has About the Alpha Female

“Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done” – Madonna

A strong and competent woman, who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, is often labeled as a “bitch” by Beta women and lesser males. However, this does not stop the alpha female who is comfortable in her own skin, to strive and achieve.

Here are 7 common misconceptions about the alpha female that are pointless:

1. They’re sarcastic because they’re mean

A lot of the people are ignorant to the point where they fail to see the humor veiled in a sarcastic remark. They get offended easily and feel that the alpha is trying to belittle or humiliate her friends. The truth is that alphas bond by being playful with their friends and laughing at each other in order to eliminate any barriers in between them. They are not mean or rude. They would never laugh at you in order to offend you or belittle you.

2. Alphas are bitches

Girls who are submissive and never have an opinion are idealized by the society. An alpha female will get what she wants and endure all possible setbacks for that. If she feels disrespected, she will call that person out. As she does not tolerate any kind of nonsense, people often say that she is ‘too full of herself’ or that she is being ‘difficult’ if she speaks her mind.

Just because Alpha females have the courage to speak up or go after what they want, that doesn’t make them a bitch.

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3. They’re blunt because they like drama

Quite the opposite on this one! Alphas are blunt because they want to avoid drama. They do not want to engage in petty arguments that do good to no one. They also do not want issues to keep piling up and explode one day – it is extremely unhealthy to hold on to emotions for a long time. Instead of engaging in toxic behavior, they want to listen and talk things out. This way, fights are avoided and not initiated. Do not think otherwise.

4. Alpha’s are high-maintenance

They know their worth and do not need validation. Alphas would never allow anyone to walk all over them in the name of love and this scares lesser men. These men know that alphas don’t sacrifice their needs to please them or keep them. Alphas would rather focus on self-growth than compromise their well being to be with a man.

5. Alphas are insensitive

Alphas hate to show their weaknesses. They are rough on the outside because the life has made them that way. They have had to deal with a lot of setbacks and difficult people to achieve their goals. Being all mushy is impossible for an alpha, but that doesn’t mean they are insensitive. If you get to know them, they are the most sensitive and affectionate people you’ll meet. Being indifferent is their facade and if you are important enough to them, they will let their guards down.

6. Alphas want everyone to agree with everything that they say and any opinion that they have

No one really likes to be contested and if someone calls out on their bullshit, they become defensive. That is exactly the case with alpha females. They love to challenge and people think they are trying to impose their views upon them. Alphas do not take anything at face value and are open to new and different opinions. They are pretty straightforward and end up offending people with fragile egos.

7. Alpha’s are controlling

If there is a mess, the alpha will try her best to clear it. She is very passionate about her ideas and wants to make things better. She is often the leader in a group because she puts forward her opinions with enthusiasm and is quick to take decisions. She is independent and has extensive knowledge on a lot of subjects. Her speech oozes confidence and is molded by experience, so it is easy to mistake such zeal for arrogance.

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