7 Things That Suddenly Happen When You Stop Checking Your Social Media In The Morning

Checking our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed has become the first thing we do in the morning right after we open our eyes. Just like our parents used to drink their coffee while reading the newspaper, we check the notifications on our social media profiles, and we probably do that before we even get to our coffee.

Current events and updates are going at a fast rate; no matter how often you check your phone, whatever has happened, it is out of our control.

So why don’t you try spending your mornings a bit different? Think of it as a social media cleanse that I am sure we could all use.

Use the mornings to properly wake up and clear your head instead of dive in head first in the social media drama.

Waking up that way affects your brain and shapes your day in a way you weren’t aware of. Here we will explain to you how.

1. Your mind is much more clear

When you check your social media profiles first thing after waking up, your brain absorbs A LOT of information, probably a lot more than it can process at the moment. Starting with a meme, to a dog video and pictures from your friends and dramatic posts, you’re probably just endlessly scrolling through it all without properly waking up.

Why don’t you try playing your favorite music, the one that always puts you in a better mood and hop in the shower? You will be surprised by the difference, trust me!

2.  You can better assess your mood and address it

You and only you are in control of how you feel and of your mood.

When you wake up, take a minute to stretch without a phone in your hand, and figure out how you feel. Think about what your plans are for the day and how you’re going to kick today’s ass! Get yourself in a good mindset before you proceed with anything else.

Now, after that, you can proceed to see what your friends have been up to while you were asleep. But when you start your day with social media and it’s drama, it affects your mood and your approach towards your day.

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3. You have more time to be present and to stay present

When you do things with one eye on your phone and another on whatever it is that you are doing, you are not focusing of the present. You are not fully in the moment of whatever it is that you are doing.

The first hour of the morning, before you proceed with the rest of your day, are probably the only time you will have truly and only to yourself. So be present in the moment and enjoy it. Use it to properly wake up and get yourself in a good mood that will follow you throughout your day. There is plenty of time for your phone later.

4. You appreciate and enjoy your coffee better

Have you ever made or bought a cup of coffee but don’t really remember it later? You don’t remember really drinking it or how amazing it tasted and how it helped you wake up. Scrolling on our phones doesn’t let us really focus on our coffee, which is probably one of the most important thing to us all. You should take a minute to enjoy that moment, for I am sure we will all be needing another one of later.

5. You have a more effective morning routine 

When you ditch your phone for at least an hour in the morning, you can focus better on getting ready. You will have a better and more effective routine and you will definitely go through the process of getting ready faster, which will probably free you up some time that, if you want to, you can use it to catch up on things like Facebook.

6. Petty things and drama won’t affect you as much

Have you ever woken up, went through Facebook and you saw something you didn’t liked and it affected your mood for the next hour or sometimes even the whole day?

When you don’t wake up to such things, when they happen to you later on throughout your day, you can handle them better and won’t affect you as much.

7. You feel less obligated to check your phone all day

When you care less about social media in the morning, you simply don’t check your phone as much throughout your day and you are less obsessed with it.

When you quit following on every comment, every tag and every happening on there, you don’t feel the need to check your phone on every few minutes, which actually gives you more time to do more important things.

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