9 Ways Your Love Will Be Different After Having Your Heart Broken

“The heart was made to be broken.” ― Oscar Wilde

At some point in our lives we have faced a heartbreak. Horrible isn’t it? You feel the world crashing down. There are emotions stuck in the lump of your throat and your mind is akin to a damaged record… repeating memories that are better forgot. Does that mean you won’t love again? According to me in the miracle of the human heart, it picks up the broken pieces, puts them back together and is capable of love again!

The broken whole however, is never the same…

1. You are more realistic when it comes to choosing a partner

“You see,” she said, “your first love isn’t the first person you give your heart to— it’s the first one who breaks it.” ― Lang Leav

For this twisted reason, you are more mature now. You know for a fact that butterflies are temporary and will never want to experience the crushing pain of moving on. You will never repeat the road once taken and try to avoid similar personality traits in another person. That is okay.

For a change, think about yourself too.

2. You notice warning signs that you were once blind to

Mistakes are only humane but don’t be blind to them. You notice red flags quicker now since you know what will happen next. It is better to bare your soul to your new partner, so that he or she can avoid the same choices or situations all together.

3. You may take a little longer to fall in love this time

Give yourself the time to heal. Let’s face it: having your hopes and dreams snatched by the person you loved is difficult. You will have to work on the fears that the breakup has left behind. Until you are ready to take the leap of faith, don’t.

4. You are slightly more cautious about opening your heart

With your vulnerable honesty, you had given someone immense power. You shared the nitty gritties of your life and they are now no longer a part of it. Letting your guards down is a scary process, think twice if the person is worth it.

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5. You may be cynical about certain things

You may lose faith in love. You may think another relationship won’t last either. But isn’t love worth taking the risks? I am not being a hopeless romantic here, relationships don’t come with a guarantee card! You “fall” in love, and that’s the only way to go about it. You can be broken but try not to be bitter.

6. Some things will always be off-limits

A broken relation may have beautiful fragments and you cannot get rid of them. The place where your ex proposed to you, the special nicknames you both had, the movies that you’d always watch together or a particular song, these small things may be forbidden areas where your new love cannot enter.

7. And there are others where you will give a little

Eventually, you will learn the value of the memories and consider remaking a few. If you lived together with your partner, your house will seem haunted and everything will remind you of your ex. Does this mean you can’t live there again? You will make new memories but few will remain etched, that is the brutal truth.

8. Your heart will mold into a new shape and size

You can never be the same again. Going through a heartbreak and coming out of it makes you a survivor, you are brave and strong. Welcome the changes and evolve for your next love.

9. You will learn that no two loves are the same… ever

Each love is a new experience, that will teach you many things. Each relationship in unique and that is what makes love so rare.

“If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.” — Nikita Gill

Everyone who has faced heartbreaks and the sleepless nights, knows that the crack of dawn in waiting for the… just hang in there!

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