Do You Hear The Ringing In Your Ears? The Frequencies Are Amping Up! What Does This Mean?

Before we start explaining everything, lets clear up what clairaudience means. Clairaudience is the ability to hear things that are actually inaudible. Ears ringing are a definite form of clairaudience. Ears ringing also mean that the frequencies are amping up, which is a symptom of psychic toning.

Psychic toning is something we need to pay close attention to and really need to be aware of!

Psychic toning is a pretty important topic to talk about.

Sometimes, when going through life, you let go of the negative energies around you and start recognizing and embracing the positive. That is when you might hear frequencies ranging from high to low and the duration varies. The ringing may come in shorter duration or stay for a longer period of time.

The above might happen only when you are going through a spiritual awakening. If you are not, you might not hear any vibrations or might hear them very low.

Psychic toning does not end here!

There is much more to it. After hearing these vibrations, what is important is to make sure to notice and acknowledge how you feel. Some of these vibrations will calm you and make you feel happy, but some of these will bring out the darker side in you and make you feel agitated, angry, upset, stressed and so on.

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Don’t be fearful!

All of this is not meant to scare you. Something is explicitly trying to get your attention. These vibrations might seem like they are not in your control but they very much are. If the vibration you are perceiving makes you feel happy, there is not an issue. But if a particular vibration makes you uncomfortable and you notice mood swings, it is in your power to pray to the higher Gods and Spirits and ask them to put a stop to it. You will notice a difference when your prayers have been answered.

Higher tones make you feel better.

It is generally seen that higher tones are signs of someone thinking of you in a positive way, and wishing the best for you, which invariably makes you feel better. Either speaking of you in a very positive way, or missing you and thinking highly of you.

Lower tones are generally associated with a more negative aspect of things.

If someone is upset with you, their vibrations will tell you that they are before they themselves tell you, or they might not even tell you but you will know. This happens because of the increase in intensity in their tones of vibration and gives you the opportunity to save yourself from the wrath. When someone is projecting such anger towards you, make sure to not give in and let that attack your spirituality.

You can control it better than you think.

It is not in your hands and neither does it concern you, what other people think about you or will say about you. There is not much you can do here and you shouldn’t let yourself lose your mind over this. These frequencies and you feeling them negatively or positively is in your own hands. You can react negatively or positively to these feelings, and both of these receptions have different outcomes on the spiritual sphere.

Our advice is to react positively and centered in the neutrality of love, so that you can stay on a higher frequency because when you act negatively, the dark forces feed on your negativity and spread it around among others. Remember, you get to choose how you react because it is always in your control!

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