Find Out What Your Blood Type Says About You, According To Japanese Theory

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While it is always handy to know your blood group/type, Japanese people have a particular obsession with it!

There is a belief in Japanese culture that each blood type comes with certain affinities and certain personality traits, much like a Zodiac sign. And it is not surprising to find Japanese women looking for prospective grooms based on their blood types.

There are books that deal with such things that is the interface between blood types and personality traits.

“A, B, O, AB gata jibun no setsumeisho” (A Guide to A, B, O, AB blood types), written by an unknown author who uses the pen name Jamais Jamais, happens to be one of the most popular books on the subject and sells like hotcakes in Japan.

Here we have tried to compile the general personality traits, recommended dieting and exercises for each blood type:

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And many more in the upcoming weeks

1. Blood Type A

Personality: They consider things very carefully before drawing conclusions. They are empathetic. They won’t express themselves if that kept arguments at bay. They are kind of bordering on obsessive perfectionists. Cleanliness is important to them.

They can retain their calm even during stressful times and as a result are very good at accident/disaster management.

Recommended Diet: According to the Japanese belief, the blood type A originated from hard working farming communities. This makes carbohydrates, beans and fish their best staples. Meat in turn would be highly indigestible and would turn into excess fat in their bodies.

Exercise: Slow exercises like yoga.

2. Blood Type B

Personality: Fiercely independent, they like to walk their own road, more than often not considering others’ feelings. They are optimistic and open-hearted, opening up easily.

They are also absolutely non-pretentious and their greatest fear is loneliness. Adaptability, flexibility and the ability to move on from things gives them an edge in life. Despite being in love many times, heartache is something they can outgrow.

Recommended Diet: According to the belief, this blood type originated from nomadic tribes who survived eating all kinds of foods. As a result they can digest almost all kinds of foods. However, lean meat is best for them. And starchy things tend to make them fat.

Exercise: Type B blood people have high stress, so it is best to play active sports such as tennis and soccer, and also try to combine slow exercises such as yoga to relax.

3. Blood Type AB

Personality: They are healthily idealistic and lack secular needs like greed and avarice when it comes to their ideas of success.

They are calm, spiritual beings with high sensitivity which makes them vulnerable to getting hurt.

Their privacy is of utmost importance to them and they will not tolerate a lot of social interference. Their main pursuits happen to be in the field of knowledge and books are a constant with them.

This also makes them creative and imaginative, and fuels their fairy-tale inspired notions about love.

Recommended diet: A middle path with not too many strong proteins or carbs as they have digestion abilities midway between A and B.

Exercise: Aerobics/Fitness and Yoga.

4. Blood Type O

Personality: They are rationally and pragmatically driven, realistic people who are good at money matters. They have an urge to earn and because of their ability to stay strong in the face of adversity, they have a Romantic flair in them.

Their ambitions fuel them and they always look at the bigger picture and sacrifice the smaller details in the process.

Their devotion always come with a strong desire to monopolize, and this can make them obsessive and possessive partners.

Recommended diet: Apparently this blood type comes from Ainu natives of Hokkaido. They were hunting and fishing communities, and hence lean meat and fish are best digested by individuals of this blood type.

Lack of proteins tires them. And it is difficult for them to digest grains and starches as these weren’t exactly accessible by the ancient northern tribes.

Exercise: Running, Boxing, Martial Arts and other Active Sports.

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