Fun Test: The Thing You See First Says A Lot About Your Current Situation

Personality tests are always fun, and can be quite accurate. Here is a bunch of defining tests to insert some fun into your day!

A Car

You value your independence over everything else. Whatever may happen, you will always be your own person.
You’re also the kind of person who over-thinks. You like to chase perfection, and sometimes, this madness can be harmful to your mental well being.

In order to find peace and happiness, you need to step back and let things go sometimes. Understand that not everybody is or needs to be a perfectionist. People have their own ways of doing things, and you must learn to respect that. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

A Man With Binoculars

You always dwell on the overview. The minimal elements of something do not matter as much to you.

While that may be more peaceful, you often tend to misjudge a situation because of this character trait. You do not observe too closely, and therefore miss crucial details from time to time.

Striking a balance is the main mark of a genius.

The Letter “A”

This is the hardest, yet. If you’re among the rare percentile who saw this, then you have an observational quality that other seemingly lack.

You work on instinct, and value your intellectual capability.



If you’re a woman who saw the image of the girl at first, then you’re up for amazing things. The figure of the girl is looking upwards, as your future seems to. You’re on a ride to good fortune. It also means that you’re at peace in your life, and the current circumstances are favorable to your well being.

If you’re a man who saw the girl’s image first, then you think of the opposite sex way too much. You have a one-track mind that cannot stop thinking about one special person. It is important that you find your own grounds, and stop depending on others for happiness.


If you’re a girl and saw the guy first, then you’re longing for some romance in your life. Maybe you have a particular someone in mind, or are just missing your present partner. This means a welcome development in your life.

If you are a man who noticed the guy’s image first, then you’re concerned about competition, or some friend’s well being. It could even be your anxiety regarding a sports team.

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If you notice the image of a crocodile, you’re a logician. Your mind works on rational data, and you do not like putting yourself in danger. You believe that ‘precaution is better than cure’, and go by that motto at all times.

A Boat

If you saw the image of a boat first, then you notice most things better than other people. It brings out the creativity in you, and is responsible for a lot of the unique work that you do.

Old Man

If you see an old man, you’re a very good empath. Your heart is open to all emotions around you, and you’re comforting as a person. You use the right side of your brain, therefore you have great creativity.


If you see a woman, you’re using the left side of your brain, which runs on logic and analytical skills. You always consider a situation multiple times before stepping into it. It is hard to fool you, and much harder to cause you harm because you are very careful not to let anyone do that to you.

The Pillars

If you notice the pillars first, you’re settled into an area of comfort in your current circumstances. This is holding you back from your dreams. Get rid of the baggage and chase the things that mean the most to you!

The Men Between The Pillars

If you noticed the men first, you have nothing holding you back. You’re like a wild stallion running free. You live a very happy and fun life and have many friends. You are not complacent, and you love helping others.

The Faces

If you noticed the faces first, you’re an extrovert. You seek for company and need friends. The outside environment influences you greatly, and that is why you should never let negative human beings surround you.

The Candlestick

If you noticed the candlestick first, you’re an introvert, and you like keeping to yourself. You aren’t very big on parties, and like maintaining the minimum number of friends required to get by. You enjoy solitary time.

A Woman

If you see a woman, you feel emotionally tortured at this present moment. You’re going through a really rough patch in your life, and contain a lot of regret. You’re standing at a crossroad, and need to decide something very important.

A Skull

You feel like you’re in a never ending situation. Life has been tough on you lately, and you might feel tired of it all. You cannot give up! You will need a lot of strength to overcome these situations in order to become a happier person.

Source of inspiration: The Minds Journal

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