5 Alarming Signs The Universe Is Trying To Communicate With You

Even though most of the time we cannot perceive a lot of the signs, that doesn’t stop the Universe of sending them to us.

While it is indeed mysterious, it is not entirely impossible to uncover the codes of the Universe.

Here are 5 ways the Universe is trying to communicate with you:

1. You Are Facing An Obstacle In Your Life

The Universe will put you through an entire obstacle-race throughout your life. It will all be of varying levels of difficulties. Sometimes, you will not even realize the purpose or the reason behind what you’re facing, but remember that the Universe always has a plan. It never does anything without a reason. This time too, it is only trying to help you develop into a better version of yourself. It is only happening because it is necessary. You may not be able to figure out the purpose yet, but rest assured that there is one. And one day you will know why. Just be patient.

2. You Are At A Dead Stop

You feel like you have been stopped in the tracks. Irrespective of what you do, you fail to move anywhere and go forward in your life, and your life seems one hundred percent stagnant. You feel disheartened and out of place. Sometimes, you feel like your purpose is failing. Hold on. “Heaven has got a plan for you“. This is the Universe’s way to coaxing you into removing toxic elements from your life. Imagine your life as a train. It was speeding down a very wrong way. The stand-still is the force-stopping of the vehicle. It will get rolling again, in no time, as soon as you have shifted to a safer track.

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3. You Begin To Notice Synchronicity

You begin to notice things like 11:11 or 12:12 on the clock, or see licence plates with abc-1212. Synchronicity comes in all forms; repeating numbers is just one of them. The Universe is trying to send you a message that  you are on the right path. Just keep going as you are!

Also, if someone you haven’t seen in a while or someone you really weren’t expecting pops back in your life, that is the Universe sending them for a reason. Think hard and try to figure out why! Did they teach you a life lesson last time they were in your life? What do you relate to them?

4. There Is A Particular Thing You Just Can’t Get Off Of Your Mind 

There is something in the back of your head, constantly screaming out for attention. The Universe is probably asking you to give it a different perspective. Try to look at the roadblock from a completely different angle. It will help you solve the issue. Sometimes, when you keep glossing over something, you need to take a break. Move away from the issue completely. Force yourself into distractions. Then return to it with a fresh mind. It will work wonders on your problem-solving skills.

5. Your Are Way More Intuitive Than Other Times

If you’re constantly uncomfortable, and feel like there is something that you should know, chances are that you are not mistaken. The Universe mostly tries to communicate with us through the medium of our own intuition. If you are constantly feeling endangered or scared, then there is probably something you need to protect yourself from. If you are constantly feeling sad or low, then you might need to reconsider your life-choices, or the people surrounding you. Do not ignore your intuition. It is the most primal and accurate sensory perception we have. It will never fail you.

If the Universe needs to send something across, it will do it in the form of signaling. Look out for omens, signs, and anything telling you how to go about your life in a much better way.

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