If you can adopt these 7 monk habits they will flip your life upside down

The world is chaos, with all of us running around and looking for some moments of peace. We are often envious when we see other people truly calm and collected while we struggle to find peace. One of those people are the Monks.

You may ask yourself: why live more like a Zen monk? Because we can all use a little more concentration, tranquility, and mindfulness in our lives… because Zen monks have flawless philosophy for hundreds of years to be present in everything they do, to being dedicated and to serve others… because it serves as an example for our lives, and whether we ever really reach that ideal is not the point.

Here are certain principles that can be applied to any life, no matter what your religious beliefs or what your standard of living:

1. External De-cluttering

One of the foremost teachings of Buddhism is the letting go of worldly pleasures and making life the simplest it can be. Buddha was born to a king and was destined to be a king himself but he left all of that in the quest for true knowledge and enlightenment. Even today they only carry and have what they need to survive and not a thing more.

2. Internal De-cluttering

Monks believe in doing things for the greater good. They do not do anything only for themselves. Even when they sit to meditate, they do it for everyone. Internal de-cluttering is letting of one’s own desires and doing things for other people, and living for others.

3. Meditating

Monks spend the majority of their day meditating. They spend about 4-6 hours each day, calming their minds by meditating. The benefits of meditation are now unknown to any of us. It is not necessary to spend so much time meditating, starting off with half an hour and slowly progressing is absolutely okay too.

4. Learn from the Wise

In Buddhism, they associate old age with being wiser. If you take a moment and inspect your surroundings, you will find loads of people around you, who have the wisdom you need in life. Do not shy away from asking for help and the lessons that you need to steer smoothly in life. We are all lost and we feel hopeless sometimes, and that is okay, so is reaching out and getting the help you need.

5. Be a good listener and let go of Judgement

The purpose of communication is to ease the pain we have in our hearts and minds and this can only be achieved if one listens carefully and without judgement. The purpose of communication is to hear someone out and not just wait for your turn to talk. Listen to people and make yourself heard. Let the toxicity of the negative feelings of judgement not feature in your aura.

6. Embrace Change

We live in constant fear of change. We get so used to things like our bodies, states and minds; even the mere idea of change makes us uncomfortable. To be truly calm, one must know and understand that change is the only constant.

People change it. They make it better; they make it worse; ultimately, they make it different.

Once you understands this, you can get rid of anxieties, fears and complexes. One needs to understand that the moment is all there is; over thinking and the fear of what might happen or what might be or not be is ultimately pointless.

7. Living in the Moment

Embracing the moment without thinking what the future holds for us is undoubtedly challenging because we are all human and humans have the most advanced brain.

Hence it is only natural that we over think, but we forget that if we start living in the moment we are in, and let the things we have no control run as they are, we can be truly happy.

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