If You Experience Any Of These 8 Signs You’ve Crossed To The Fifth Dimension

If you have ever participated in a discussion about spirituality, you know that our world isn’t the only place there is out there. There are several parallel dimensions, and sometimes, souls can transcend these boundaries and go back and forth between them. As we pass through these different dimensions, our mind and the way we look at things changes with them. We start believing in new and different things, our believes change and we have different outlooks on life itself.

Energy is measured through the vibrations. As these become high and light, we can switch between superior realms. Our mortal, Earthly life, is considered as the 3rd dimension. We are afraid and scared of abandonment. That affects us strongly and prevents our souls from experiences true enlightenment.

Once we shift into the 4th dimension, we have successfully entered the area of the heart. This makes us feel happy and kind.

The 5th dimension shifts us to a much different and higher sort of awareness. We are surrounded by true emotions, become more spiritually aware and experience a true enlightened reality. In case you want to be sure if you’ve crossed over to the 5th dimension, here are the 8 signs:

1. The world will seem much prettier than it really is. You will be a happier person, and begin to notice a lot of beauty in everyday things. It’s almost like you’re viewing the world through rose-tinted shades, and you will love everything you witness. What a time to be alive!

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2. The blockade that separates us from perceiving divine messages won’t be there anymore. You will get to hear what the higher energies command of you, or the guidance they are sending your way. These messages can also come from ancestors from your lineage.

3. You develop a much more positive outlook to life in general. You’re a happier person. You smile more, are healthier, feel safer, and find more security. Your mind is much less of a mess than it used to be, and you will fall in love with the sense of peace it will bring to your life.

4. You will rise above your fear of time. You will no longer chase it, and it will lose its power of scaring you. You realize that life has to end some day, and will accept that thought graciously because even though the life in your current body will end, you as a soul will continue to live on and exist forever. Since this mortal fear leaves you, you will feel much lighter, and be able to enjoy life without any fears weighing you down.

5. This is the most important part. Superhero powers. You will realize that space and time are man made constructs, and they are almost just an illusion. Becoming much deeper and aware will lead you to the power of creation, and you will be able to move objects, see through things, or walk through solid surfaces.

6. The negativity in your life will float away from you. You will become a much more content human being than you previously were. You are no longer affected by big negativity that comes from little things or people of little importance. You know how to prioritize, and refuse to give in to anything that tries to bring you down.

7. You will believe in the omens that this world sends your way. It feels like little tricks of guidance that guide you towards a better tomorrow. You will feel like you’re capable of absolutely anything, and it will give you a very good boost.

8. As you realize the plot-holes in the concepts of space and time, you will be able to manipulate your body into traveling back and forth between time periods and dimensions. Time traveling through any events in your life and different time periods, both past or future, will be another one of your capabilities as the most aware super human version of yourself!w

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