If You’re Not Feeling These 12 Things In Your Relationship, It Isn’t True Love

What is love?

As a human race, we have been stumbling on the definition and pursuit of love, for absolute ages. Yet, none of us seem to have a clue about where to find it. There are online dating sites, and offline apps. There are various concepts being thrown to the wind. But what does it really mean to feel this emotion of love?

1. Romantic Love.

This is the one that gives you butterflies in your stomach; one that makes you believe in sunsets and happily-ever-afters. You feel so drawn to this person who holds the world in the cup of their hands.

2. The Desire To Merge.

As cheesy as this sounds, when two worlds collide, they often turn into one inclusive space. In the course of knowing each other, and co-habiting, you’ll realize that you’ve taken up similar patterns, likes, and dislikes. You will gradually rub off on each other, and that’s a beautiful process to witness.

3. It’s Us Against The World.

You are one team. There is nothing that can beat you as long as you’re together. Even if Voldemort came down to your room and tried to kill you, you’d be safe because they’re literally your horcrux.

4. Longing To Create.

You will want to make things together. Couples often adopt pets, or build something, together. Of course that is also the psychology behind having children. You will want to have more things that you jointly own with the person you love.

5. Disillusionment.

Love isn’t always going to be butterflies and snowflakes. Sometimes, it’s going to be wet towels on the bed, slippers strewn on the floor, and calls going unanswered. But that is just as much a part of love, as all the wonderful things. You can’t have the good without the bad.

6. Incompatibility.

A phase comes when we think we aren’t well suited for our partner, and they aren’t “the one” for us. It’s important to sit through this phase, because in most cases, it passes. You won’t always be madly in love with them, but it’s important to give your relationship a fighting chance. You don’t want to lose love over a whim.

7. Discovering Our Wounded Selves.

You cannot own somebody without owning their past. That is literally what has made them. Unless you can understand where your loved one comes from, their scars, their stories, and the battles they have fought, you never truly know them.

8. Embracing Illness.

“For better, or for worse” right?

Falling ill isn’t a taboo. When that happens to you in a relationship, it tells you a lot about your SO. You’ll notice how they take care of you, remain concerned about you, check up on you, and try to make life easier.

9. Learning The Mathematics Of True Love And Addictive Love.

½ x ½ = ¼. This is the equation for addictive love. The more we stay with them, the less of ourselves we retain. We treat them like our oxygen. When they become a supplement but not the only thing our life depends on, then it’s true love. 1+1=Infinity.

10. Turning Back Towards Our Lover And Committing To Being Real.

Honesty is what keeps a relationship going. Come what may, you choose to tell your SO the truth. Even if it gets unpleasant sometimes, you guys will always sort things out.

11. Love Is Letting Go Of Fear.

You are no longer scared, or insecure. You trust each other completely, and do not doubt them unnecessarily. Somewhere, deep within, you are sure that this is forever, and you do not ask if they will ever let go.

12. Accepting That Real, Lasting Love Is A Journey, Not A Destination.

You’ll grow and learn along the way. It never stops for good. It’s the most pleasant ride you’ll ever sign up for, and while it may get bumpy from time to time, it will keep bestowing treats upon you. So, buckle up!

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