People Who Like To Be Alone Have These 6 Special Personality Traits

Being lonely and liking solitude is not the same thing.

People who prefer their own company are different than people who crave company but do not receive it. These people only have the kind of friends they want to keep forever.

They do not indulge in mindless small talk, and save their energy by not socializing. Loners are often misunderstood and looked down upon by society at large, but there is nothing wrong in choosing yourself over the vast majority, is there? Being appreciative and valuing your own self is the basic necessity of being a well-balanced human being.

They like their own company better than wasting time among popular people who do not have the same mentality as them. They’re more fulfilled, more self-aware, and happier. Their observational skills also makes them much more intelligent than people who cannot stop speaking or people that enjoy gossiping.

These People Share These 6 Characteristic Features

1. Firm Boundaries

They have mental boundaries that they will never let you touch. In their minds, there is a firm inflexible division between what is okay to talk about and what is forbidden. They do not over-share and can be close off. They believe that their matters are their own, and nobody else’s business. They do not appreciate if you poke your nose too further into their matters. They understand and respect your concern, but they need don’t really want anyone in their space.

2. Loyalty

These people do not thrive on company the way extroverts do. They do not need people around them in order to function properly or be happy. But, if they accept you as their friend, then not even God himself can make them betray you. They will stick by you through thick and thin, and even when you do not ask or expect them to. These are the kind of friends one should aspire to have, and definitely the ones you need to cherish for life. They will be loyal to you until the end.

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3. Open-Minded

They have observed enough difference in this world to know that all human beings are different and are never of the same type. They will never judge you for the things the usual public looks down upon. That’s also a trait of being far more intelligent than others. They understand that your ideas and beliefs can be different than others, and they respect that. They also expect the same from you. Society has judged them enough, and they refuse to pass on the hurt and pain to another person.

4. Level-Headed

You will rarely ever find a loner getting worked up in a heated argument. Firstly, they hate the attention and the idea of destructive actions by the community. Secondly, they are calm and composed enough to settle something through conversation and logic. They will not run to you with weapons, but instead, use facts and truth to explain the situation to you and find a solution.

5. Self-Awareness

Spending so much time with yourself leads you to unlock more things about your personality than the average human knows. You have no rose-tinted image of yourself deluding your senses. Your choices, beliefs, and motives are all crystal clear to you. You know your positive points as well as your downfalls, and do not live in any kind of denial about it. You know who you are and you accept yourself as such.

6. Valuing Time

Time is of supreme value to you. So, while you hate it when others drag you into wasting hours, you refuse to waste your time or someone else too. Loners are always punctual, and will come prepared for any meeting they’re supposed to be in. They hate the idea of wastefulness regarding mental resources. This is another important reason why it’s so difficult to involve them in matters of small talk or petty arguments. It is beyond their intellectual requirement to invest in something pointless.



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