Researchers Reveal That Running Away From Your Darkest Emotions Will Kill You. Do This Instead

Escapism only helps up to a certain point. There comes a time, when your back is against the wall, and you have nowhere left to run. What do you do then?

It’s important, that while we do everything to distract ourselves from our worries, we also focus on solving the knots in our mind. Running away is not the most adult-thing to do. Research has established that you must deal with the demons in order to be genuinely happy.

Healing Our Darkest Emotions To Heal Our Bodies

Our body responds to bad memories or painful experiences by storing them up as pressure points. Therefore, when we experience a trigger, a certain part of our body experiences pain. That is the physical manifestation of our mental endeavors.

If we can pin-point the exact cause of these issues, then we’ll be able to handle their effects on our body, wisely. This means less headaches, no arbitrary joint pains, reduced back pain, and several other ailments that plague you.

How To Manage Your Darkest Emotions

‘To cope’ means to take control of the situation. When we fail to cope, we give in to our circumstances, or whatever might be affecting our negatively. We practice emotional regulation when we’re actively seeking to fight through the menace of our emotional onslaught. It can either manifest itself in the involuntary actions our body undertakes in order to protect itself, or some conscious efforts on our own part. Either way, it’s extremely important to have a fight plan.

University of California, Berkeley, she and three fellow Berkeley researchers devised a three-part study to try and find out.

The Australian Journal of Psychology sets these coping tactics as: accepting, cognitive distancing, and cognitive change. These are the three broad steps one must undertake in order to overcome whatever is pulling them down. But all of it begins with confrontation of the issues what are actually bothering you.

You need to first be aware of what is happening to you, before you can work to prevent it. Unless you know you are sick, you cannot think of fixing yourself. Mental health works in a similar fashion. The ‘cognitive change’ aspect of it allows you to view yourself from a third person’s perspective. What would you tell a friend who is going through the same things as you? What great things about their personality would you remind them of?

How To Accept Your Darkest Emotions

Denial never gets you anywhere. It’s like locking truth up in your cupboard. It grows over time, and bursts forth on you. When you reject your mental response to something, you are blocking out an entire part of yourself that has been affected. This is exactly as dangerous as it sounds and has really bad effects on you. Instead of being embarrassed about a situation and pushing it to the farthest corners of your mind, stand up and accept it.

Habitual acceptance works towards making you realize that not a single human being is perfect, and that is okay. You can feel anger, or be jealous. All of us do. One must climb off the pedestal and accept what is true. That is the first stage in healing, and is extremely crucial. We aren’t robots, and cannot constantly manifest the feeling of ecstasy. This is completely fine, and one hundred percent natural. All of us stumble, fall, and learn to rise back up. Once you learn to accept an emotion as it is, you cease to label it as pure or evil. It is what it is, and you work towards gradually distancing yourself from that character trait, and rectifying it. This process helps you in your wholesome growth as a human being, takes you several steps closer to achieving immense happiness.

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