Ten 5-Minute Morning Rituals To Supercharge Your Mind, Body And Metabolism

A healthy and happy start of the day energizes us and keeps us fresh and going all day long. But how do we do that? Given below are 10 habits that you can follow to stay healthy:

1. Loosen The Muscles

A good nights sleep is not enough to take away the tiredness from the body and make you all relaxed in the morning, but a quick morning stretching workout will! It is found that our muscles stiffen even more during a nights sleep. Stretching your body helps in loosening the muscles. Also, the loosened muscles increase the blood circulation and reduce anxiety and stress. Start stretching every part of your body from the neck down, see how good it will make you feel!

2. One Ring Of The Alarm Should Be Enough To Wake You

This one might take time to get used to but it is the most important of all. While snoozing may seem like a good idea and relief, you’re actually just stealing minutes from yourself and you’re making yourself much groggier. Learn to ignore the snooze button because the 10 more minutes of sleep that you desperately want in the morning can make you late, unorganized and stressed. Make sure that the ringtone of your alarm clock is effective enough to wake you up.

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3. Set Your Internal Clock

Many of us are used to perform according to an internally set time. Some people won’t even eat before the time they are used to usually eat, even if they are hungry. If you wake up at the same time during the weekends just like during week days, that is your internal clock that has been used to the same waking time on most days. Keep in mind that the longer you sleep, the more melatonin is created in your body. Melatonin is the hormone that controls the sleep and wake cycles of the body. So try to average between 7-9 hours a night and if you stop hitting that snooze button, your body will eventually wake up on it’s own at the same time – every time, that you won’t even need an alarm clock (but please set one just in case).

4. Healthy Habits Prior To Waking Up

A cup of warm lemon water in the morning has many benefits. It is like revving the engine of your body for a better ride. It improves the flow of digestive enzymes, maintains pH balance and cleanses the body. Also, it helps us to control our food craving. Or if you’re not a fan of lemon water, try two cups of plain water right after waking up, before you do anything else.

5. Do Your Workouts In The Morning

Exercises are supposed to rejuvenate our body and energy. Sweating is the sign of enough exercise. Carefully watch out to not use up all your energy throughout that workout. Don’t push yourself too hard; simply do a short 10-20 simple morning workout that will help you feel more energized and awake. Practice exercises that boosts your energy because it will keep you physically fit all day.

6. Technology Out Of Bedroom

Try to stay away from any technology before bedtime or right after waking up. Keep your laptop, mobile phones and television away, since they can be too stimulating at night, keeping you awake for longer. Another thing you might want to try in the morning is to ignore your smart phone. You probably wake up, grab your phone and check your emails or scroll through Facebook or Instagram. You might think this is helping you get a jump on the day, but what it’s really doing is causing you to be reactive instead of proactive. Instead, try a different, more cleansing routine. Get in the shower and make breakfast, or get yourself ready for the day before you check your emails or go for your morning social media check.

7. Iron Is Necessary

Iron should be the compulsory ingredient of your diet. Breakfast lacking iron will increase your irritability and decrease your power to focus. Eat eggs, green leafy vegetables, peanut butter, beans or tofu for breakfast. Also, include Vitamin C in your diet, like orange juice, because it helps in absorbing the iron from food.

8. Work Wardrobe

This might seem insignificant but your clothes can control your mood. You can never work freely in uncomfortable attire. But if you are wearing something that’s both comfortable and work appropriate, then you’ll feel more confident and can focus on work. Another thing you might want to try is to set your next day outfit the night before. This will save you time in the morning.

9. Calm Mind Focuses Well

Meditation or yoga can literally do wonders for you, both mentally and physically. Not only that it helps to clear your mind, but freshen up your body too. It will increase your focus and help your mind in getting through with the day.

Choose a place in your home that is quiet and comfortable to do so. Soft music helps too. However, if you prefer silence more, that works too!

10. All days of week are same

As much as you might not like hearing this, there shouldn’t be weekends for your sleep schedule. No need to go to be bed late and sleep in late. Follow the same sleep schedule like every week day and follow the same diet and rules. One thing that you can change is increase the exercise time during the weekends. This way work days won’t be as difficult to handle and you’ll eventually hate Mondays way less than before.

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