The First Thing You See In This Image Will Reveal Your Subconscious Fear

Everyone has their deep-seated fears. It can be the common fear of snakes, spiders, darkness, or more uncommon ones like trypophobia, the fear of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps, which has become quite the social media phenomenon these days.

What is normal is that everyone does has a fear even if they are not aware of it.

Knowing your fear is the first step towards conquering it. That is why we present you this Vladimir Kush painting. It is aptly called the Butterfly-Apple.

Look at the painting carefully and note the first thing you observe. That will reveal your subconscious phobia!

Below is a list of analyses of all the objects in the painting. Note the object you notice first and read its analyses to find your fear.

Which one did you notice first?

The Knife

The knife symbolizes death, aging, as it is after all a weapon, a tool for lacerating, mutilating, cutting; a symbol of mortality.

If you see this, it means you are pretty normal and conventional. You fear the constants in life namely death, aging, mortality and terminal illness.

It would also mean you are an epicure who lives for comfort and pleasure in life. Anything that disrupts that is something you fear and are opposed to.

And let’s face it, death is the biggest buzzkill. It has brought down everyone from the high and mighty to the poorest of street rats.

Also old age and terminal illness symbolize a limitation of a different kind; an end to a life of freedom and a start to a life of prohibitions and limitations. That is not something you like to even think about.

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The Apple

Now this is also quite similar to the knife, being the object which the knife has killed in a sense.

You too fear death but only difference is, you fear it with a passionate intensity; like we are talking Macbeth-and-Banquos ghost here.

You are deadly scared of death. You don’t like talking about it and you don’t like hearing about it.

And it is possible that your fear stems from grief; from an irreparable loss; possibly someone you loved being taken away from you earlier than natural.

Their face and their plight in their last hours are the things your brain conjures up in your worst nightmares and you fear how you too would be plucked in a similar way eventually.

The Caterpillar

(Most conventional)

The caterpillar is the so-called uncanny. It stands for ghosts, spirits, malevolent deities and things beyond nature and scientific explanation.

You are the one who stays up all night after watching a horror movie. You are the one who looks back over their shoulder when walking outside in the evening hours.

You won’t even agree to stand in front of a mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times as a joke and a dare from your friends.

The Butterfly

Curious! Very curious!

You, my friend, are probably the bravest of them all!

Your fear is internal and is probably most intense; probably because it is about something that people face all their lives and can do something about it; betrayal and rejections.

You fear loneliness and despair. Being abandoned by loved ones and being rejected in love or even a work interview is what sends chills down your spine and gives you anxiety.

We hope this helps you realize your fears and inspires you to outgrow them and succeed better every day!

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