These 10 Brutal Truths About Life Will Help You Get Your Shit Together

Life is far from easy! No one who’s had at least 30 years of this crazy ride will ever tell you that it gets easier. It does not. All the movies with the happy endings, they do not tell you what happens afterwards.

So, I’m about to share some basic truths about life that are kept hidden from all of us:

1. Without Goals, Life Is Pointless

If you do not have something to pursue, then why are you even here? We’re all running after something: a lover, a job, a personal goal, etc. There’s always something on our bucket list that we need to tick off. Unless we have a concrete goal, our whole existence becomes pointless, and therefore sad.

2. What Other People Think About You Really Doesn’t Matter

It is their opinion but, honestly, it doesn’t really matter or makes any difference to you. If you’re going to think about what goes on inside everybody’s mind, you’re going to end up losing your own. Don’t do that to yourself.

The truth is: not everybody is going to love you, and you have to be okay with that. Some people love pineapple on pizza, others want to puke at the thought of it. Everyone has different opinions about people and things and it’s okay to agree to disagree.

3. We Don’t Have Much Control

Destiny is real, whether or not you believe it. The greater percentage of success and failure in this world cannot be explained unless you believe in a higher force. You do affect your fate, but you can’t change it completely. All you can do is that you give your best about everything. The outcome is not under your control.

4. Failure Is The Road To Success

This might sound as a cliche but it’s very true. First-hand experience teaches us the greatest lessons. Unless you fall, you will never know how to pick yourself back up. Unless you’re bad at something first, you’ll never learn how to improve yourself. So, never let failures get you to quit completely. Keep going!

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5. A Person Isn’t Defined By What They Own

Money does not make a person. I mean, you could own the biggest house in the world, or have many cars and huge possessions, but if you’re a horrible human being, people aren’t going to like you anyway. Run after happiness and fulfillment. All other things will follow.

6. Thinking As Opposed To Doing Is Not The Same Thing

We often paint castles in the sky, but do nothing to achieve them. Want to be a journalist? Start writing. Want to be an artist? Start practicing illustration. You cannot expect to lay back, do nothing, and expect Jesus to leave a pot of gold on your front yard.

7. Change Is The Only Law In Life You Can Count On

It’s the only constant. Like our Universe, this environment and even you as a person, are constantly changing. We hail Darwin’s theory on the evolution of species. It’s the greatest thing to have happened to mankind. Similarly, for our personalities – they’re never going to remain constant.

8. Everyone You Know Will Eventually Die

This is the inevitable reality of our lives. No matter how much you love a person, they’ll eventually pass away. So, value the people around you while they are there. You will regret not saying ‘I love you’, or seeing them more often, once they are gone.

9. Worrying Is Useless

If you can solve an issue, then work towards fixing it. If the issue in question is beyond repair, then you will not gain anything from stressing over it. Sometimes, being logical and rational can save you a lot of pain. Don’t invest your time and energy where it won’t bring fruit.

10. The Root Of Suffering Is Pursuing Temporary Feelings

Try setting yourself on a quest to achieve inner peace. We think various things will bring us happiness, and pursue them endlessly. Like sex, or food, or money. But these are temporary, they pass, and we’re left in our pit of sadness again. True happiness comes from inner peace, so chase that instead.

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