Your November 2017 Horoscope Is Here! Here’s What You Need To Know Before The Holidays

The month of November is upon us and with it there is a nip in the air and a festive mood.

We have gone for a general horoscope here that works for all the signs and we sincerely hope that your festive season brings you tons of pleasant surprises.

The ones discussed here are the major astrological movements among the celestial bodies; few will have the most profound effect on all the signs!

To discover exactly how they will affect you will depend on the house these planets occupy in your astrological chart; the houses in the chart represent the areas of your life that are affected by the energy of these planets.

If you are an enthusiast, but at the same time hate being duped by astrologers again and again, this is the horoscope for you.

Read this and find out for yourself what the planetary energies have in store for you.

November 2nd, Saturn Square Chiron:

This square is the square of insecurities; it makes you paranoid about your inadequacies. This makes you feel you are not smart/skilled/able enough for the challenges life throws at you.

The positive side of this deadly duo: it gives you an opportunity to inspect the vulnerabilities in you and work on those weaknesses.

November 4th, Full Moon in Taurus:

A full moon is a time of ending: a period of harvests when you reap the good and the bad consequences of your actions and let go of things. However letting go becomes difficult because of the stubborn energy that the Taurus constellation stands for especially material things and possessions.

Keep in mind, things that end on a full moon end for the best and that may usher changes that you might not even have dared to hope for.

November 5th, Mercury Enters the Constellation Sagittarius:

Mercury is the god of communication and Sagittarius is the sign that is Bohemian to a most dogmatic degree. This can cause (and we should be wary of this) one to become insensitive to others during conversations.

The bright side is because you are going to be outspoken on everything, people will know just what you mean or just where you stand when it comes to specific things.

November 7th, Venus Enters the Constellation Scorpio:

Venus is the planet of love and romance while Scorpio is one of the darkest of signs: this transitory movement can cause romantic lives to become obsessive and/or passionate.

You are likely to feel jealous in a relationship and also feel the urge to try to emotionally manipulate your partner.

Beware of fatalistic urges to choose sexual gratification over true romantic intimacy. That can really make life difficult.

November 11th, Saturn Trine Uranus:

You might feel the urge to break free of your routine monotony. And maybe, just maybe, thanks to the planetary vibes, you will be able to do it without muddling your life up.

Since this is the meeting of discipline (Saturn) and revolution (Uranus), this is when you make a move in the area of life you feel that you are stuck in. This cosmic compromise might just make things easier for you.

November 18th, New Moon in Scorpio:

The full moon’s energy will ignite Scorpionic vibes: you should aim at things that fit into the theme of the dark sign: sex, love, transformation, intimacy and merging faculties with others.

This is the time to break habits and getting into unchartered territories.

November 21st, Sun Enters Sagittarius:

Sagittarius will be the one launching you into the festive season. But beware, the constellation is often associated with overindulgence.

Keep in mind the lessons in moderation that you learnt through Scorpio season, and you should be okay.

Other than that enjoy the fun loving and curious nature of the sign.

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