10 Familiar Signs You Will Experience Once You Reunite With Your Soul Place on Earth

Being in touch with your soul brings you closer to the purpose you are meant to serve on this planet. Nowadays, we only look at the world as something we can exploit. We do not take the time off to sit back and appreciate everything that we have been blessed with.

A couple of years ago, I was admiring a beautiful stone when I realized that its beauty exists in relation to its setting. If I extracted it from its place of natural occurrence, then it would cease to have the special effect it inspires.

Similarly, all of us have a special physical space on this Earth.

What Are These Power Places?

There are certain areas on the planet which are Spiritual Hot Spots. They emit a huge amount of energy and have been a part of shamanism since time immemorial. They had particular ceremonies that signified the passing over to the realm of the spirit.

In the Australian continent, the native aboriginal population has a ritualistic ceremony named ‘Walkabout‘. The participant journeys through the toughest of nature, all alone, devoid of any human contact, laboring to find their soul-place.

The Tuareg of the Sahara region also has a variation of this ritual. The pregnant ones among them would move through deserts, hoping that they would come to their sacred place, or that it would come upon them instead. These places don’t have to be separate for each human being. There can be a collective space too.

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How To Find Your Spot?

Most people, who practice shamanism, have found their powers become stronger in certain spots. They feel like that is their private sphere, and make a home out of it. These spaces are special units where you feel the Spiritual, or where you first did. They hold memories, and are very close to the heart of the one who finds it. It could also be a place where a favorite person took birth, or died. Even areas shaded with nostalgia can give off very strong vibes. When looking for your spot, think of the place where you find the most amount of peace. For any form of spiritual activity to happen, inner peace is very necessary. If your emotions don’t have the power of free-play, you will never be able to maneuver or unravel them.

Here Are 10 Signs To Show You That You’ve Found Your Place:

You will feel these things:

1. Fresh bursts of energy.

2. A sense of familiarity.

3. All the things around you suddenly look and feel saturated.

4. You will find peace.

5. Your body can rest.

6. The landscape surrounding the area makes you feel good.

7. Despite other problems, you’re still happy.

8. You feel motivated, and have many new ideas.

9. You are free.

10. You are going to feel much closer to your own self.

Now, about the interesting twist. Remember Sherlock’s Mind Palace? Your soul-place does not always have to be a real physical area. It could be something that you have imagined. Like your happy place, you build up an area inside your head that you can readily escape to in times of danger. It’s a sort of alternate reality, where none of the elements of this world can follow you to.

Your Soul Belongs To The World As Well

The Universe’s harmony depends on your realization of the soul. Unless you are at one with Nature’s rendition, the harmony of the Universe lies broken. More than a temporary unit, the soul-place is somewhere you feel like home. Instead of a shelter, or a respite, you feel like every other place you go to is a tourist spot. You always return to your soul-place, and call it your home.

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