10 Signs That Prove You Might Be Experiencing Kindred Spirit Connection

Sometimes, we have a certain unexplained connection with certain people. These people change so much about us, and they are called kindred spirits.

For those who do not know what a kindred spirit is, it is someone who shares a special bond with another. For instance, if you are someone’s kindred spirit, you both would be drawn together onto a higher level of consciousness.

This connection is like nothing you will have ever felt before. If you think you are kindred spirits with someone, check for the following signs.

1. You have mutual respect for each other

You have immense respect for each other. Even when you fight or when you disagree, you both still understand each other. This is why you both always depend on each other for support.

2. Honesty is a given assurance between the both of you

Honesty is a very important part of your relationship. More importantly, it happens naturally. You’re just so comfortable with that person that you wouldn’t lie to them and vice versa. Your relationship is built on trust and neither of you ever have to worry about if the other person is telling the truth.

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3. You can tell when this person needs something

You can subconsciously sense if the other person is in pain. You have this awful feeling inside that won’t go away until you go to them and comfort them in their pain. You can sense all of this without them saying a word.

4. You’re each other’s best teachers

This person has taught you so much about who you are and who you can be. By being there in their lives, you too have changed them and taught them so much. You make each other better people.

5. You can understand each other without even speaking

You both can communicate without words. Happy or sad, you instinctively know the mood they are in. The understanding you two share is too good to be true.

6. You both belong to the same energy level

To be comfortable around each other, it is important that two people are on the same energy level. You both are so attuned to each other because your energy level is on the same plane.

7. You never feel judgment from this person

Drawing unwarranted judgment comes from a lack of understanding. You both know each other so well, that the prospect of judgment never even comes across. This is an amazing feeling because you can be yourself without any reservations.

8. You help each other reconcile with your faults

You bring out the best in each other, but also point out the flaws and the shortcomings each of you need to be working on. And essentially, you end up growing together.

9. You found each other exactly at the right time

The best part is you came into that person’s life when they needed you the most. Just when they felt alone and misunderstood, out of thin air you just appeared and you were there for them. Both of you were exactly what the other needed, and the deep connection between you was made.

10. You are able to become a better person for having known this person

Ever since you have known this person, you realize how much you have grown. You are both better people, stronger and more willing to give to the world and it’s all because you have each other.

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