10 Things Every Husband Secretly Hates About His Wife

Sometimes, the things the husband hates about his wife, explains his love more than any grand gesture could! This list might surprise you!

1. He hates watching you in pain

Being married means your feelings aren’t just yours anymore. Every time you are hurt, it hurts him and he hates it because he feels helpless. When you are in pain, don’t shut him out, but instead communicate and express yourself. If he could, he would take it all away, so at least give him that chance.

2. He hates it when you try hiding your pain

Red-rimmed eyes, blocked noses and muffled voices do more damage to your relationship than letting your husband see you cry. He understands that you have your own troubles, and he possibly cannot help you, but late at night when you are sobbing in the bathroom, he is laying wide awake crippled by his inability to comfort you.

3. He hates not having you around

When two people decide to spend their lives together, they get accustomed to each other to the point that absence from you feels like he is missing an arm or a leg. He might sound distant and gruff when either of you have to go out of town, but it is mostly because he doesn’t like staying away from you.

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4. He hates when you doubt your abilities

You married your husband knowing he wasn’t perfect but because you saw the best in him. He married you not just for who you are, but for who you could be as well. When your insecurities pull you down, communicate with him. His confidence in you might ultimately make the difference.

5. He hates it when people disrespect you

Humans are naturally protective of their loved ones. So the next time you see him over-react over a rude salesman you brush off or hold a grudge against someone, know that he is not being difficult but it comes from an instinctive hatred towards anything that might harm you.

6. He hates it when you compromise on who you are for his sake

Society is full of lists and self-help books on being the perfect partner, but he didn’t marry an ideal model for a wife, he married you. So don’t change yourself into what you think he might like because he already loves you for who you are.

7. He hates it when you give up

Failure is an inevitable part of life, but he has seen the time and effort that has gone behind your work. Let him console you when you fail, but don’t give up. Pick yourself up and try again.

8. He hates when you pull yourself down

People’s bodies change with time, and they don’t always change for the better. While your husband is always going to be supportive of you wanting to look and feel your best, his feelings for you don’t depend on your figure. He hates it when you body-shame yourself or when you compare yourself to other women. He married you for who you are, and your relationship runs deeper than stretch marks and tan lines.

9. He hates being the reason for your sadness

We most often end up hurting those we love. Very often, ‘why did he hurt me’ isn’t an easy question to answer. But hurting the people you love is something you always regret. Sometimes he hurts you unintentionally, sometimes he hurts you in the heat of the moment, but when he is sorry, he truly is. His heart is connected to yours, and hurting you hurts him too.

10. He hates when you aren’t happy

The whole point of the list really is to tell you that your significant other hates it when you’re unhappy. You have promised to spend the rest of your life with someone, so don’t shut him out. Believe in him, even if he messes up sometimes. Underneath all his inabilities to communicate, he loves you and wants you to be happy.

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