12 Signs You Will Experience These Before You Transcend to A Higher Level of Consciousness

If you’re noticing changes in your mood and environment, chances are that you have transcended to a higher level of energy.

You Will Experience These 12 Signs Before You Transcend to A Higher Level of Consciousness:

1. Your Energy Becomes Softer

You don’t feel aggression or dissatisfaction as often as you used to. Minor inconveniences do not make you want to slay people and they don’t affect you the way they used to. You have gotten infinitely better at handling the situations in your life, without enrolling yourself in conflict.

2. You Own Up To Your Behavior and Circumstances

You do not make excuses for where your life is headed. You’re old enough and maturity leaves no space for childish behavior. You no longer spend your lifetime blaming fate and destiny for all the choices that you have made. You know that you are the one responsible for your life and where it is headed.

3. You Understand Your Emotional Behavior

Everybody functions differently. Running away from emotions never helps. You must embrace the feelings and own up to who you are as a person. Being an adult should never mean the repression of your true emotions.

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4. You Prioritize Yourself And You Practice Self Love

Self-love is key. You must know how to treat yourself right if you’re attempting to advance the same treatment to the rest of the world. Charity begins at home. You understand that treating yourself poorly is a form of negativity that spills out into the world.

5. You Are Kind, Loving and Compassionate

Kindness is underrated, but supremely important. If you aren’t kind to your fellow humans, you’re adding unnecessary sadness to a violence-ridden world. Practice being nice. While it may seem like a difficult option during times of conflict, it will always be the worthier one.

6. You Have A Strong Desire To Change Your Life Course

As your consciousness develops further, you do not want to stick to a pre-set life pattern and try to explore. You want to take your life through new avenues and new opportunities, basking in the glory of self-development.

7. You Weed Out Toxicity Out Of Your Life

Negative things or people have no place in your life. You know how to recognize a toxic persona, and persevere to weed them out of your circle. This way your mental health does not get wrecked unnecessarily, and you lead a much healthier existence.

8. Your Have Trouble Sleeping

When your mind is overworking itself, there are high chances of your sleep pattern suffering for it. Your over-charged brain has problem calming itself or settling down, and therefore you find it difficult to have continuous sleep.

9. You Keep Away From Bad Habits

You recognize what is bad for your body, and consciously avoid it. This means no cigarettes, no drinking, and you stay away from things that are unhealthy for your body and spirit. Even peer pressure cannot get you to abuse your body. This is a sure sign of a mature adult. You know your limitations, and you take good care of yourself.

10. Your Productivity Levels Rise

You get much more work done than you ever used to. Your to-do list literally looks like a battle field. All the laziness, and ineptitude, gradually disappears or wanes. You’re now in full control of your goals, and charge towards them with conviction.

11. You Stay Away From Unnecessary Competition

Positive competition is healthy for everybody. But more times than not, a competition is hardly positive. Especially in the 21st century, you will hardly find people respecting boundaries. So, the best solution to all of this is to shun completion altogether, where and when it can be avoided. Not trying to get the drink before somebody else, or outdo your classmate in a basic exam, etc, will bring you peace of mind and stability.

12. You Are Grateful

You thank the Universe for the smallest of things because you know that they matter. You do not need grand gestures. You know you are privileged to have whatever you do. You never take any of it for granted, and understand the value of it all.

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