13 Signs You Are Ready To Go Home To The New Earth

We all have an individual vibration and much to our wonder, the planet Earth also has its own vibrational energy.

Dolores Cannon’s hypnotherapy research says that a new Earth is being formed which will be inhabited by many of us in the near future. This new planet will be the result of the manifestation of our individual outcomes. For instance, those who believe the flat Earth theory may very well go to a flat Earth. Such is the power of our desires and thoughts.

The following 13 signs show that you are ready to go home to the New Earth:

1. You are experiencing synchronicities

If you see such numerical values like 11:11, 1:11, 3:33, 5:55, etc. You also come across the number of your birth date a lot, be it in a phone number or when you check the time. These are not mere coincidences!

2. You manifesting your desires more easily

Our mind is extremely powerful and it can create whatever we truly desire. It will be best to focus on positive thoughts. You are able to manifest what you desire so make it a wholesome experience.

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3. Your eating habits suddenly change

You will find yourself eating less meat and more of the organically produced vegetables and fruits. You can also crave for certain food products during this time.

4. You have more meaningful dreams

You have let go of your fears and your subconscious mind has nothing to process. If there is no tension or conflict in your mind, then your dreams will be peaceful and also prophetic. Say goodbye to those nightmares and frightening dreams.

5. You have a strong desire for truth, even if it contradicts your previous belief systems

You are willing to challenge your beliefs in the search for truth. Truth is all that matters to you now and any kind of dishonesty will upset you very much.

6. You can understand fear and you can finally release it

You are able to break the mechanism of fear which helps you do understand it much better. The best way to do this is to shut off the television and stop reading the newspaper.  Fear keeps us in subservience of itself. Once you break free from the idea of fear, you will receive synchronicities and manifestations much more easily.

7. You sense a thinning of dimensions

Out of the corner of your eye you may begin to see energies. Some people see orbs while others sometimes sense a particular energy around them.

8. You start to experience time loops and glitches

The feeling of deja vu hits you very often. You also find yourself experiencing unfamiliar things for instance you place your car keys in a particular spot everyday but one fine day they are not there. You should notice these glitches in time very carefully and pay attention to them and how often they are happening.

9. You are distancing yourself from family and friends that don’t understand you

You might find yourself getting distant from those who do not understand you. As we move to higher vibrations, we tend to lose those at lower ones. But do not worry about this. Your family and friends will still be there, it is just that you will connect with others more similar to your vibrational energy.

10. You experience sudden energy shifts

Some days you feel very energetic while on others you feel exhausted. Such energy shifts are normal so don’t worry much.

11. You start hearing high pitched frequencies

These frequencies at times can be very loud in one particular ear while other times, they’re loud in both ears. These sounds may be associated with the rising frequencies of the Earth as your body is trying to assimilate to these frequencies.

12. You have a desire to go home, wherever it may be

You can find yourself gazing at the stars and wondering which star system is or could be the planet of your origin. Some people may feel an affinity to the Pleiades, Lyra, Arcturus, Orion, while others feel like home on Earth.

13. You begin to experience metaphysical abilities that you never thought you could do before

You might start seeing or hearing things which goes beyond the normal perceptive powers of human beings. It could be anything like telepathy, bilocation, or clairaudience/clairvoyance.

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