15 Tendencies Exhibited by Genuine People with High Moral and Ethical Purpose

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In a world where people judge others on the basis of the number of likes they get on social media and contour their lives in order to get online validation, genuine people who are sincere, honest, dedicated and motivated are rare.

Our age is one of lax morals and ethics; it is only one of those rarest of rare people who still holds on to their principles. After all, principles are what makes a man good or bad. Ethics make him capable of separating the good from the evil in life.

If you exhibit even ten out of these fifteen tendencies, you are one of the few really genuine people around.

1. You are respectful

The first impulse you have when you meet someone new is being polite and respectful. And this tendency can actually make life difficult when loudness and showiness are things desired by many. Imagine you are on a typical first date; chances are high, if you are polite and respectful, you will be mistaken for boring. However, you still keep going. Respect is one of the biggest virtues one can give and earn.

2. You are kind and generous

Kindness is underrated. Being generous in a world where people measure things worth in terms of the “better or worse deal” is being conspicuously visible. Not that that’s a bad thing in any way.

Let me give you a FREE GIFT!

And many more in the upcoming weeks

3. You are trustworthy

When you make promises, you make sure you deliver. You make sure that the ones who trusted you with responsibilities are never disappointed. As a result, the people you work for like you quite a lot.

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4. Your sincerity does not desert you even in the worst of situations

Even in the hardest of times, you always speak the truth and keep your honesty alive.

5. Your actions speak louder than your words

You are the type of person who doesn’t like bragging, but your actions, deeds and accolades speak for themselves and your abilities.

6. You treat others how you would want to be treated

With utmost decency and politeness. In short, the way you would want to be treated yourself.

7. Patience and resilience are things that define your life

This is why you can handle the trickiest of situations with utmost ease. You are patient about the things you want and resilient in your struggle to gain them.

8. You know when and where to stop

The fact that some things don’t just happen to some people is not unknown to you; hence, you know your limits quite well. You know when to let go and where to not go in life.

9. You are original in your perspective

You carve out your own niche in life. You don’t just follow someone’s footsteps because others are doing it. Instead, you weigh the pros and cons of everything before deciding.

10. You are generous and unselfish 

You are not generous because of ulterior motives. That’s not you. When you give, you do it for the joy of giving. Expecting things in return is not wise and not your game at all. You are humble and you love helping those in need.

11. You are the proverbial ally of justice

Justice not only when it comes to you, but for everyone. You make sure, within your boundaries of authority, that everyone is treated fairly and equally, and that they receive what they deserve.

12. You are not conceited

Conceit and secretiveness are not what defines you. You speak your mind and you are transparent about your intentions. As a result, you might be betrayed more than often but that shouldn’t stop you.

13. You are not judgmental

Every person comes from different circumstances and their ostensible characteristics aren’t enough to form an opinion on them; this is not beyond you. You never judge people

14. You admit your mistakes

If you fail, you see no shame in admitting that you did. After all, admission is the first step towards improvement.

15. You protect your honor

By continuing on your own unique ways and not backing down and conforming to what is “popular”. You know who you are and take pride in the things you accomplish.

Image source: Allan warren/Wikimedia

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