4 Things Every Highly Sensitive Person (And Empaths) Needs From Their Partners

Highly Sensitive People tend to be more sensitive emotionally, spiritually, mentally, as well as physically. All HSPs are not empaths, but a considerable percentage is. An empath is someone who feels other people’s emotions on a deeper level.

The first person to throw light on the different and unique needs of an HSP in a relationship was Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D, who wrote a book on the same subject, “The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When The World Overwhelms You”

HSPs are more likely to cry and show physical manifestation of their emotions, and are more affected by the subtle changes in the behavior of other people, TV shows that have violence and even very strong smells throw highly sensitive people off and really disturb their emotional and mental stability. In some situations, when a highly sensitive person feels pushed to their limits, they need to switch everything off and really take some time off to settle down in themselves.

Most HSPs are empaths too. Empaths are people who feel the feelings and emotions of other people like they are their own. The most characteristic difference between an HSP and an empath is that HSPs respond to environmental stimuli and empaths are more responsive to energetic stimuli. An HSP is more than often able to realize what their trigger is but an empath is less certain.

An empath and an HSP is often overwhelmed because they sometimes forget to draw the line between their and other’s emotions, which is why whoever is with an HSP needs to realize that they have needs that are a little different from the average person. Following is a list of things every HSP needs from their partner.

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1. Honesty

HSPs and empaths do not just expect honesty, but they actually need it. When one of them asks you what is wrong, it is best to tell them what is bothering you rather than acting like everything is okay. They can always tell when you are not okay and will always respect your privacy and give you space, but it is pointless to put on the act of everything being okay.

2. Support

Every HSP and empath has a limit that they can be pushed to, and once they have been pushed, they need to take time for themselves and really do what will prepare them to take on the world again. This might be yoga, swimming, make art or just about anything. It means a great deal to them if their partner gives them the support they need by coming along with them or just enjoying silence with them. They appreciate this support greatly and will make it a point to make you feel special when they are energized as well.

3. Understanding their No

When you ask an empath or an HSP if they will go out with you, say to a club or to a party and they say no, understand that they are only saying no because they need their alone time to power up so that they can go out in the world again. They are not particularly boring; their idea of having fun is just different than yours. When they say no, accept their answer and understand that they need some time.

4. Make sure things are not one sided

An empath or an HSP will always keep your needs and emotions ahead of their own and will always prioritize you over their own selves and this is why things often become one sided. You have to make sure that you do the same in order to make sure that your relationship is not one sided because they deserve to be a priority in your life as well.

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