5 Bizarre Ways to Unlock the Doorway to the Unknown Realm of Your Mind

The mind has always been the center of debate among all scientific circles. Thinkers as early as Plato spoke about a realm in the mind that was unknown. Leibniz, Hegel and Coleridge made the next great leaps in the study of the unconscious. It was only later with professional doctors like Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan (who was Pablo Picasso’s physician) and Carl Jung that the study became scientific and medical.

Today, the very premise of psychoanalysis and dream interpretation comes from these theories. This unknown realm is the seat of all our dreams and most of our creativity and imagination. And because of the inexplicable nature of dreams, they were attributed special prophetic status by all major world religions. Of course, now given the advent of science, a lot of dream symbolism is interpretable.

But we are not here to discuss that today. Here we have enumerated 5 ways that are commonly used to bring the unconscious to light.

5 Bizarre Ways to Unlock the Doorway to the Unknown Realm of Your Mind

1. Ritual

The unconscious has always had occult associations. Special ritualistic ceremonies have often caused a sudden triggering of the repressed thoughts in the unconscious. Read Stephen King’s “It”. There’s a smoke ritual that Ritchie Tozier and Mike Hanlon succeed in enduring. And it is from the same ritual (basically sitting in an enclosed space with a smoky fire in it) that reveals to them, as a vision, the monster “It’s” otherworldly origin. Similar rituals have been common practice in India’s kapalik tradition as well. These visions are nothing but repressed thoughts of their own unconscious: answers they already knew but didn’t understand.

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2. Incubation chamber

Remember the sacs in which all the astronauts in Nolan’s Interstellar sleep to bide long periods of time? That chamber is what is called an incubation chamber. Like its name suggests, it mimics the womb of a human being for the person getting in. The person as a consequence experiences a loss of self-consciousness, like a fetus; they stop having conscious, rational thought. They experience a constant dream like state in which their unconscious roams free.

3. Dreaming

Drug-induced sleep/dreaming is something many famous people have indulged in. Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote his famous Kubla Khan or a Vision in a Dream: A Fragment in the throes of opiates. Of course this is inadvisable. But, normal natural dreaming serves the same purpose.

Dreams are the purest manifestations of the repressed desires one harbors in their unconscious. Also, more than often one can get amazing inspiration from their dreams if they manage to remember them when they wake up of course.

4. Yoga and meditation

Anything that rids you of your consciousness (not in a fainting way; more like in a trance way) is beneficial in bringing out your unconscious. Unless the conscious is dimmed, the unconscious will never out, just like you can’t see stars on a bright sunny morning. Kundalini yoga and meditation are known to help one focus on the darkest and most obscure of mental realms. This is what consequently causes one to go in a trance-like state that enables the repressed to come out and manifest itself.

Heard of the whirling dervishes? Read up on them. They claim that they find Allah in their trances. Following this train of thought, it is only natural. After all, God might just be a repressed desire for comfort and protection.

5. Hypnotherapy

Most scientific and most dangerous. Invented by Anton Mesmer (from where we get “mesmerize”), hypnosis is a powerful tool of inducing a trance and is used in psychotherapy all around the world. However, it should not be tried by novices “just for the kicks.” Reversing it is very complicated and tricky.

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