5 Important Things You Should Know First If You Are Dating A Virgo

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Before you start a relationship with them, your friends warned you about how nit-picky they would be. But you know that isn’t all there is to your sweetheart. The intense passion that Virgos inspire is the manifestation of their need to help their loved ones.

They are extremely energetic. Being an Earth Sign, they are deeply rooted in reality, very witty, lovable. They owe their intelligence to their ruling planet Mercury.

Virgos gel best with other Earth signs, since they share the same kind of characteristics. But don’t worry if you don’t fit the description. They work well with water signs too, since it helps balance out their sensitivity.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while dating a Virgo:

1. They Work By A Routine

Never keep a Virgo waiting if you do not want your head on a platter. They are severe perfectionists and will not abandon a project until they have analyzed it minutely. Living a life by diagrams gives them a sense of control and makes them feel less helpless. While they can be intense romantics, a Virgo will almost never make a spontaneous move. Everything they do is pre-planned, and pre-meditated. Chances are, if you’re being taken on a surprise date, they have been planning it for a few weeks in advance.

Let me give you a FREE GIFT!

And many more in the upcoming weeks

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2. They Will Show You They Care

If you ever tell them you want something, be it in a passing fashion, be sure that it will land up in your hands sooner or later. Virgos love splurging on people they love. They will cover your shifts, pull chairs, open doors, wash dishes, and do anything else you require. They just want to see you happy. Nothing in this world matters more to them than that. This also inevitably leads to them being taken undue advantage off, since they are completely blinded by love.

3. Criticism Is A Virgo’s Weakness

You can never escape the prying eyes of a Virgo. Often, their feedback will seem extremely harsh. It is not because they are trying to hurt you, but because they minutely analyze everything before them. Also, they think they owe you the truth, which mostly is a great thing. Working with a Virgo can lead to a lot of creative development on your part, if you are the kind of person who can handle honest criticism. If not, you have signed up for an infinite period of hurt egos and professional falling-outs.

4. They Love Their Work More Than Anything Else

Virgos could, quite literally, get married to their work space. While most people refuse to bring their work home, a Virgo almost always brings a pile of it. To tear them away from their work would mean tearing their soul apart. This addiction to work also stems from the fact that they like their life being in order. In a world run by erratic forces, your project, your creations, and your work is all you can ultimate control over. It gives one a sense of being in power over their lives.

5. They Need Space

I know this might sound like a cliché but stereotypes exist for a reason, right? Instead of feeling insecure or insulted, try stepping into their shoes. They love their homes, and are clean to the point of being freaky. Being Earth signs, they appreciate and highly require their alone-time, so grant them that. When you live together, they will probably like their corner to be kept a certain way. Do not force your ways on them, and let them build their comfort-zone on their own terms.

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