6 Things You Will Immediately Lose As A Result Of Spiritual Awakening

Attaining spirituality leads to a fountain of health and happiness and it sets a firm base for a full life. Spiritual connection to what matters to you the most leads to amazing things in life as you go forward.

We tend to look at the gains from attaining spirituality, the gains to our mind and body. A lesser seen aspect is what all we lose in that process.

The feelings we talk about now are negative in essence but are an essential part of every human being. So one must keep this in mind that you will never completely erase these feelings we talk about here.

1. Hate

What we usually hate in others is something we dislike about our own self. Either that or it might signify a quality which we lack and wish to see in ourselves. When we get spiritually awakened, it’s like watching ourselves in the mirror with all our faces peeled down. This makes us face our shortcomings.

People who ignite hate or dislike in us won’t be able to do so without our permission. It is up to us if we want to let these people dominating our consciousness. Spiritual awakening provides us with compassion which we pass on to others. We gain tolerance and it is no longer hard to forgive others.

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2. Jealousy

When we are awakened in our minds, we learn to appreciate and applaud the good that others have done. Instead of being jealous of another’s achievements, we show our admiration and strive to be like them.

When we see someone else achieving what we desire for, it is natural to feel envious. But it’s important to realize that we are all cogs of the same machinery and instead of being jealous, we can emulate the successful person’s good habits to achieve the same.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety occurs when we are not really connected to our everyday life, the people around and its situations. Your friends, hobbies, job and your way of time management contributes heavily towards it.

Spirituality helps you to relax. A relaxed mind will connect better with its true purpose. When you start living life on your terms, you become better connected to things around and this lessens anxiety.

4. Anger

Anger is more of an unconscious response to our surroundings. Losing our temper is an impulsive action, one that can’t be planned beforehand, and thus can’t be foreseen and curbed.

Spirituality helps you deal with unresolved issues, which help in a clearer head with less anger. Unlike anger, it is a very conscious approach towards life which helps you be in the present and deal with situations as they come, and in a very mature way.

5. Insecurity

Insecurity arises when we aren’t sure of our standing in life. Spirituality helps us get rid of this ambiguity by connecting us to our values and making us understand what we stand for.

When we become spiritually awakened, all our false layers fall off. These could be the layers formed due to wrong influences by others or wrong paths we might have chosen ourselves. It helps you know yourself, and once we do that, we won’t be insecure anymore.

6. Fear of failure

Fear is a natural feeling, one which we feel more strongly when on the way to achieve our goals. While failing on our way to something big is natural, one need not be afraid of that failure all the time. When you are spiritually awakened, you will fear less as you will be less insecure and more confident about your goals.

Instead of looking for answers for life’s mysteries outside, we should peek inside us. We stand to gain and lose a lot through spirituality in the walk of life, and should strive for the same. We have the power within us and what’s left is for us to find it.

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