If You Spot Any of These 7 Signs Your House Might be Invaded by Ghostly Beings

Identifying a haunted house is not as easy as it might seem in all the stories and movies we come across quite often. Unless it is an extremely malicious spirit that is trying to wreak havoc in your life and home, chances are you will never know about its presence in your house. That does not mean that you can never find out if there are spirits present in your home. There are a few subtle ways to find out if your house is indeed haunted. Keep reading to find out the ways to figure it out!

1. Do you feel like someone is watching you?

Say when you are alone, or you are by yourself in one of the rooms in your home, do you feel like someone is watching you? Does your peripheral vision seem to catch unidentifiable bodies around you? If the two points above are true, there are definite chances of your house being haunted, so keep an eye out.

2. Do you hear unreasonable sounds?

Do you hear noises that are not really there? It might be a simple knock on the door and then you finally discovering that there was no one there, or the sound of the kettle going off when you are not making tea, and so on. If these things happen at a specific time, say under the same phase of the moon, chances are that you are not alone after all.

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3. Do things simply disappear?

Does it so happen that you cannot find things that you are positive that you kept them at a certain place, and then finding them someplace entirely different or not finding them at all? This is a very sure sign of a presence of an indescribable entity in your house.

4. Do your electronic devices act strange?

Does your phone run out of battery quicker when you are at home? Do your television channels change without you changing them? Do your lamps blink and phone calls get disrupted? All of these things happen when spiritual energies deter them. If these things are indeed happening in your house, you can conclude that your house, in most likelihood, is haunted.

5. Are things breaking out of nowhere?

Say you have dinner and keep your empty plate near the sink and leave your kitchen, and within minutes of you leaving your kitchen, you hear a breaking noise and rush back to find that your plate has broken into pieces. If these things do happen, it is possible that your house is haunted.

6. Do you have low energy?

Do you feel like you need to sleep more than usual, or that you are tired even after a complete night’s rest? Are you facing an insane degree of bad luck on a daily basis, in things that you have never had to worry about? This often happens when your house is being haunted by a spirit.

7. Have you encountered phantasm breaking?

Say you keep a showpiece on a table and the moment you turn back you hear the noise of something breaking. You were sure that is was the showpiece but when you turn back, you find that nothing has actually broken. This is known as phantasm breaking and pretty much a deciding symptom of a house being haunted.

After discussing all of this, it is also pretty essential to remember that all of this might just be a coincidence. The solution here is to not jump to conclusions and really consider everything before deciding something of this sort. Coincidences are fairly common but then again, do not dismiss everything as one.

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