8 Bizarre Things Empaths Do that Only Genuine Empaths Will be Able to Understand

Judging from what they can do and feel, regarding others’ emotions, empaths are quite different from the average stereotypical selfish person. If one recognizes himself as an empath, then there is usually a hard time taken for the same individual to fit in, as empaths are considered anything but normal. Reality however is, since the average human has little or no emotion, not being able to relate to the feelings of an empath is normal. It is needless to say that we start hating things and situations we can’t adapt to or find hard adjusting to. The only person that can properly gauge and appreciate an empath is another of his kind.

Below follows a list of 8 things that empaths do, that are usually deemed abnormal by society but if you recognize yourself as one, then you might be able to relate to them.

1. Empaths are ignorant of their own problems

Empaths are mostly introverts by nature and do not find it much more difficult to speak up and share their feelings with others, rather than the people defined as normal by societal standards do. He would prefer to carry the weight of the world on his own shoulders without bothering anyone else, or in other terms an empath wouldn’t share his problems and he bears it himself in a majority of the times.

2. Other people’s emotions are taken on by Empaths

Empaths are able to feel much deeper than a regular person. Unlike random faces in a crowd, he is able to identify and relate to your pain because he has probably felt it at some point of time himself and it is nice to have people around who can actually have a proper understanding of the depths you are sinking in.

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3. Empaths have an extremely high level of intuition

A variety of bitter experiences has probably given the empath the experience and the power to see through the densest of thoughts. Needless to say, he is very hard to fool. It’s almost as if he has been employing magic to tell him about what other people have going on in their minds.

4. Empaths get overwhelmed when they are in large crowds

Empaths can rarely stop themselves from absorbing what surrounds them, and needless to say, the same virtue usually prevents them from being able to stay comfortable in a large crowd, for they start to vacuum in their surroundings and it leads to an emotional overflow. They are always careful not to end up within a big crowd and they avoid those situations.

5. Empaths get exhausted much quicker than most people

As in common in the world, exploitation never stops. There are people who seek sympathy and support for nothing, just for pleasuring their senses, which is a weird way for things to be working but that is how some people are. Having said the above, empaths are usually top targets for social leeches, energy vampires and the like i.e. people feeding off the support, time and energy provided by others.

6. Empaths have a deep connection with animals and nature

Empaths find serenity in the flowing winds and the gurgling streams i.e. they find solace in nature or when they are in the proximity of another living being, an animal that can be petted for instance.

7. Empaths cannot change

A constant circulation of heavy emotions throughout his system prevents an empath from changing over indefinite amounts of time. He cannot abruptly stop thinking about people and their emotions or their problems; his surroundings to be more specific. It does not work that way. An empath cannot be changed.

8. Empaths cannot handle negative images

Even the most slightly upsetting scenario may affect an introvert in weird ways, for it may throw him into a fit of depression depending on the severity of the situation. He must be mentally prepared to face such times and can often be found looking away when something upsetting comes up in front of him, even if it merely happens on a television screen.

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