8 Obvious Things A Narcissist Will Never Do For Anybody

Narcissists are the worst kind of people to be around, even if you’re a narcissist yourself. This is an un-welcoming kind that only lives in their bubble. Their constant self-glorification makes them obnoxious, and downright rude.

Narcissism is one of the most toxic personality traits a person can have and it is very damaging to the people around them.

Given below are things that a narcissist would never do for you or anybody. If you recognize this in somebody you know, try to stay away because this kind of behavior is toxic, or at least don’t have high or any expectations of them, since you will only be hurt and disappointed.

1. They do not care about your feelings, or about anyone else

In their life, everything is about them. If your drama does not concern them, they will be the least interested in it. If you’re sad, they will only listen if they have something to gain out of it, or if you’re happy-crying about their brilliant existence. To them, you matter only as long as you’re serving the purpose of pushing them one step forward.

2. Your problems are not important to them and they are not interested in them

You can watch a narcissist go on about their broken nail for about 2 hours. But God forbid you should start speaking about an unfair dismissal in your work-sphere, and they will fall asleep halfway through it. To a narcissist, nothing matters more than their own selves. Their problems are the only ones worth discussing. They don’t care about other peoples problems, no matter how serious they are.

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3. They will never say sorry and apologize

These people consider themselves to be the best thing that has ever walked on Earth. It never occurs to them that they may have committed certain errors. Irrespective of how many hints you drop, or how big the crime, you will never find a narcissist apologizing. Instead, in most cases, they will turn the bullets and make you apologize instead.

4. Let you or make you feel good

To them, they are the ultimate God-creatures. So, they will never allow another fellow human being to feel good about themselves. They will constantly pick on the ‘flaws’ in you, and try to bring your morals to a standstill. You will never find praise or self-satisfaction around them. In fact, a lot of them might actively work towards destroying and diminishing your moral strength. Be very aware of the effect they might have on you, because it may be detrimental to a dangerous point.

5. Take responsibility of their own actions

They will never own up to their behavior. They will constantly look for excuses to push the blame on you. What they have done may be evidently wrong, but that will not stop them from making stupid excuses or trying to cover it up. It is impossible for them to accept the fact that they may not, after all, be perfect. That they may be human, just like the rest of us. Instead, they think they’re Gods gift to Earth.

6. Give you emotional support

They will never be there for you. In your times of dire need, they will still look to their own selves. Even though you have provided them with constant emotional support, none of that will count when it’s time to repay the love. They are wired differently. They will never admit that anybody apart from them can need love and affection.

7. Be grateful for your efforts

You could build castles in the air for them. But they will never recognize or appreciate your efforts. It’s like speaking to a wall. You could exhaust all your good-will, and intense efforts, but none of it will ever be recognized by them. They will always take you for granted, and give second-class status to your ardent perseverance.

8. Give you true love

To them, only they are worth loving. All the energy that they have or receive is inevitably focused around them. Narcissists would not have it any other way. They do not deem anybody else worthy of love or affection. Everything must be about them. If it isn’t, then all hell breaks loose in absolutely no time.

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