9 Indicating Signs There’s About To Be A Major Shift In Your Life

Life comes with its own unexpected twists and turns. What might seem like a turbulent time might quickly change into a peaceful one and vice versa. Big changes in life are never preceded by any outward signs. They just occur and we adapt accordingly as they do.

We need to be prepared for this always, for changes in life never stop coming our way. They shape us into who we are as a person and the kind of temperament we carry. So in order to receive these life shifts in the best possible manner, one can keep a lookout for the following signs:

1. There is a drastic change in your sleeping pattern

Your sleeping patterns witness a drastic change. You either start sleeping too much or very little, there is no moderation here. These are signs of the beginning stages. Insomnia is a telling characteristic of it.

2. You feel very out of place

You feel like a changed person, and you feel as if you don’t belong anywhere anymore. The person you really wish to be isn’t what you are right now and that’s causing you disquiet.

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3. There is an urgency in you to settle past issues

You might be feeling an urgent need to clear all your past scores. This will look like a good option but try not relying too strongly on it as it might lead you on another path than the one intended for you. The past is in the past, leave it there.

4. You are becoming more emotional than usual

Your heart and your mind are stirring up emotions which have been buried up until now. This is causing you a lot of unrest and building up a storm of emotions inside you.

These emotions and thoughts had been locked up for a reason, and you must prepare yourself mentally for when it all breaks loose. Dealing with them is the only way out, as ignorance isn’t always bliss.

5. Everything seems kinda unreal

A sense of unreality has washed over every aspect of your life. Be it regular everyday situations or even the people like your family and friends, none of them feel real to you.

6. You start spending more and more time alone

Solitude has become your escape. You start spending more time alone than with people and it feels more natural and normal to you. This solitude leads you on to think about long forgotten things and issues which you normally wouldn’t have given a second thought to. However, you must not dwell on these for longer than what is healthy for you.

7. Synchronicity becomes something you see around you all the time

Coincidences are cropping up like clockwork all throughout your days. Repeating numbers or symbols, or even words keep popping up and these might be a way of your spirit guides to lead you on your path.

8. You become more passionate than ever

You are able to feel the burn of passion in you, and everything becomes a muse or an inspiration. Things start falling into place and it makes you happier than ever. You feel like you are quickly reaching your sense of purpose.

9. You sense something big coming your way

With time you will sense something big in the manner of your goals or dreams approaching you. This will happen gradually but surely. This shift in energy depends on where you are on your path.

Always remember that even though it might seem difficult, change isn’t always bad. Don’t resist and fight it when it arrives, as it might lead you on to a better position than where you are now.

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