All Sexually Attractive People Share These 8 Characteristics

What is it exactly that attracts people to each other remains a mystery to this day! In fact, no one can pick up just one single thing and name it as the paragon of sexual attraction. Well, most of the people think it has something to do with the body, type, height and whatnot. Even though physical beauty is one of the things which might make you attractive to others, thankfully it is not the only thing. The following 8 traits have been known to contribute to add to a person’s charm. And the good thing is, working on these is not as hard or demanding as going on crash diets or sweating out at the gym.

1. Humor

Having a good sense of humor is very important because people tend to gravitate towards those who can make them laugh. But it is not as simple as making jokes off the bat. Humor should not be at the expense of others. Body shaming is a big turn off. So up your game and charm your way into the hearts of others.

2. Creativity

Creativity is another trait which is almost never given its proper due. Well, being creative not just shows that you are intelligent (and who doesn’t want an intelligent partner?), but for the other person it also means that they will never be bored with you. And everybody loves when everything is alive and kicking.

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3. Being a Nice Person

It might seem difficult to many of us to put the needs of others before our own. But it is actually a very rewarding experience in itself. And when you do it regularly, soon you don’t have to put any effort into it. And it really makes people attracted to you; some primal instinct about being able to provide for the pack or the like.

4. How Genuine you Sound

Everybody must know that the key to a captivated audience is good conversation. But, things get a lot better and intimate, if you can open up to someone and instead of small talk, talk about things that matter to you. Being genuine increases your amicability ratings in the best manner possible.

5. Smell

It is not simply about making sure that you spray yourself with deodorant before a date. We are ruled by pheromones. Pheromones are responsible for the scent we exude, also the scent which makes others physically attracted to us. It is our natural scent and just asks for minimal hygiene. Also, it is specifically designed by Mother Nature for sexual attraction. So you really don’t have to do much beyond cleaning up well beforehand and let biology do the rest.

6. Posture

Our posture says a lot about us. And people subconsciously register our posture and make their judgment based on that, even before we get a chance to speak, or even be in a 5-foot diameter. Make sure that your posture is confident but not too intimidating.

7. How You Make the Other Person Feel

When we feel an attraction to a certain person, it is not completely them or their personality; it is how they made us feel. If you make others feel attractive and good about themselves, they will think good of you as well. Try to be positive, make them feel attractive and desired, and you will boost your own attractiveness at the same time.

8. Being Mysterious

Many times, we seem too eager to make every last detail about us known to a person. A sense of mystery is so much more rewarding in comparison. It keeps their interest alive and makes them hungry for more.

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