This Psychologist Revealed the Scientific Formula for Becoming a Morning Person

It only takes 15 minutes a day!

“Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes a man Healthy, wealthy and wise.”

How many times has your New Year resolution been to wake up early? Or how many times have you resolved not to snooze the alarm after being terribly late for work?

All of us have at least once or twice in our lives wished to wake up early and utilize those extra hours, either to work out or to read books or maybe just to make a healthy breakfast. Behavioral psychologist, Jo Hemmings shared the perfect process to master your early morning woes.

1. Try sleeping on the left side of the bed

Sleeping on the left is going to lift up your mood by 10 %! Sounds unbelievable? Those who sleep on the right side of the bed are more likely to wake up with a grumpy face. So, in order to save your partner the trouble of dealing with a pessimistic person all day long, sleeping on the left side is the right way to go.

2. Wear yellow

Did you know there’s a story that says Vincent Van Gogh ate yellow paint because he thought that would make his insides bright and therefore make him happy? Well, it is definitely not advisable to eat paint but you can surely wear the yellow color to feel energetic. If you start your day with a dash of yellow, you are bound to feel optimistic. The catch is that you have to see the color when you wake up – so why not hang yellow curtains in the bedroom or sleep under yellow bed covers? You can even paint your walls yellow, if you love the color!

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3. Set your alarm to an upbeat song

If you have a slow and sad song as your alarm tone, you might as well end up mistaking it for the background music for your dreams! Set your favorite song as your alarm and you are bound to wake up with a smile. Peppy tunes will help to silence the to-do list your brain starts creating, giving you time to actually take things slowly. Also, change the tune once in awhile as to not get immune to it.

4. Get up and exercise for 5 minutes

Okay so this one was pretty predictable, wasn’t it? If you manage just five minutes of morning exercise, your productivity will increase without any doubt. It will increase the level of endorphins, or the happy hormones which bring about amazing mood. To make it more effective, exercise with someone (if you can be as convincing as that!).

5. Do a headstand for 2 minutes

As crazy as it may sound, these two minutes will increase your blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen supply to the brain. In the beginning you will fall, but once you get the pose right, you feel find it extremely relaxing. It works wonders for toning the abdomen and legs. Headstands also improve immunity.

6. Take an ice cold shower for 3 minutes

This 3 minutes ordeal will give you the energy and brainpower to be a morning person! It will increase your metabolism and help reducing weight. It will also improve your lymphatic drainage and circulation. Treat it like an ice bucket challenge and ace it!

7. Breakfast (slow energy release)

Do not gulp down your coffee, tea or juice and swallow your bread or bowl of cereals. Eat slow energy releasing food for breakfast which will prevent rapid energy loss in the morning. Well balanced meal is the key to be healthy. Try oatmeal or some scrambled eggs if you don’t want something elaborate and want to save time.

These small steps will surely make you a morning person. It will take just 15 minutes but the effects will last a lifetime!

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