Decoding The Most Difficult Sign Of The Zodiac: Pisces

Start describing the ocean and you’re getting closer to describing Pisces. Words like vast, deep, powerful, ever-changing come to mind perhaps.”― Genevieve Vierling, The Enigma of Pisces

We know the twelfth zodiac sign Pisces to be soft-hearted, friendly and kind. Pisces, the water sign, follow their heart’s desires. They would go to any length to help and care for their loved ones. They have constant faith in the people they hold close and might just be the most loyal humans around. Pisces see the world around them as a place of love and hope.

But wait, Pisces aren’t really that easy to sum up. Their personalities and qualities are one of a kind. They have different sides of their characters.

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Apart from being emotional, they are quite artistic. Pisces have a creative way of looking at the things around them. It’s something most people can’t even imagine. And sometimes, for this reason, they are called to be unique, or maybe even odd. People born under this sign have a great ability to come up with the most creative problem-solving methods. They are pretty good at it, even though it causes trouble at times.

These special people have a world of their own. In their heads, they have created this perfect world and that’s where they want to be. This is exactly why they are often found daydreaming. Zoning out and being distracted is something that they do often. Pisces essentially love to escape to their own dream world whenever troubles come their way. That is how they run away from the challenges of life only to find relief in their joyful wonderland.

But sometimes they get too absorbed in this fantasy world of their minds. That’s when they fail to understand what’s real and what’s unreal. It gets pretty confusing to Pisces as they cannot separate fantasy from reality. It’s hard being the Alice in this Wonderland, isn’t it?

Pisces also have a craving for adventures. They love exploring new and fun places. The smell of adventure attracts them to seek for the unknown and have fun at the same time. That being said, it’s pretty obvious to know that they get bored of things easily. Be it a hobby, job, place, or even relationships; Pisces find it boring after a certain point of time. But hey, that doesn’t mean that they don’t like what’s happening in their lives. The thirst for newer adventures and more exciting things to do always keeps them looking for more.

Last but not least, a Pisces heart might just be one of the hardest things to understand about that person. Their qualities are sometimes very confusing. Often, we see them as a caring, loving and outgoing person. But on the other hand, Pisces can also be rather cold and introvert. You pretty much don’t know what to expect from a Pisces at times. If this happens, it doesn’t really mean that they are not that same person anymore. Pisces simply have a tendency to shut off from people when the emotions in their life become too much to take. They fear getting hurt by the people around them. Protecting their sensitive heart becomes the priority. They prefer staying away from people who can cause them pain.

You just need to be understanding and give them some space if and when this happens. They will open up when they realize that they can trust you. Just a little patience is the key to handling a Pisces.

People who are born as Pisces are some of the more confusing people walking the Earth. But their unique personality lights up the room and fills people with joy. We hope to have helped you understand a Pisces personality better!

With Pisces, one is all, and all is love.” ― Lynn Hayes

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