Every Couple Should Do These 10 Things For Their Relationship To Last Long

Love, as an emotion, is the most celebrated in life and literature. Being in love is very beautiful and it enriches your life. It is rightly observed that falling in love is easy, but staying in love is hard. Every couple is looking for ways to make their relationship longer lasting and more fulfilling. They want to keep it new forever.

Below are some tips that you should not overlook in the quest to making your relationship last long:

1. Give each other compliments

As the relationship progresses, we tend to we forget to tell the person we are with what we like about them, praise their good qualities and so on. Giving compliments and receiving them back is a great way to connect and make each other feel special. Compliments can range from telling them that you like what they’re wearing on a particular day to things like integrity and judgement. Be sure not to lie about things, but also do not hold back when it is time to appreciate your partner. It serves as an ego-booster, too! And who doesn’t like hearing nice things about them?

2. Do things that are weird together

Finding things to do that are not conventional or in other words, weird, serve as a great bonding experience. These are things that only you and your partner will share. Letting your guard down with your partner makes the both of you come closer as people and makes you happy. You will see couples who are happy having a lot of quirky things they do and inside jokes they share.

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3. Have conversations about sex

Having sex is very different from talking about it. Talking about your sexual chemistry develops it more and it makes your partner feel appreciated. Sex is the most intimate part of a relationship and being open to each other about it avoids misunderstandings.

4. Flirt more and often

Flirting is another thing couples forget about as their relationship gets older, even though flirting was what started it in the first place. Flirting adds a lot of fun in the relationship and makes it special.

5. Kiss your partner more often

Kissing sounds like a very obvious things couples do but it is neglected once the relationship progresses. Try giving your partner kisses often, small pecks on the cheek and forehead from time to time is always appreciated.

6. Go on double dates

Double dates are a lot of fun and a great thing to do when in a relationship. Looking at the dynamics of other couples can make you learn a lot or make you appreciate what you have even more.

7. Celebrate special occasions together

It is very important to remember birthdays and anniversaries and celebrate them together. Milestones and successes should be celebrated too. Your partner has been with you throughout the journey so it is only fitting to have a celebration with them.

8. Schedule a Couple Time everyday

Busy schedules always come in the way of some healthy couple time. Always try to fit in some time for communicating with your partner. It might be a meal, movie or just shopping for groceries together.

9. Have physical contact that is non-sexual

Touching in non-sexual manner can be quite satisfying on its own and gives you a lot of emotional satisfaction. Touch, hold, hug and even playfully tickle your partner to keep the romance alive.

10. Do not hold grudges for too long

It is highly important to let go of grudges before they become deep rooted. Sometimes, minor things become huge issues by holding on to it for very long. It is better to talk about it with your partner and sort it out instead of making it a long-term problem.

Image was originally taken by an incredible photographer Irina Nedyalkova

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