Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time with Assholes

A strong woman is the most underrated human being there is. With that being said, a lot of women say that they are strong but only some of them are strong in the true essence of the word. One becomes strong only after they have been through enough in their lives and know that life can be as tough as nails sometimes. They do not believe in words and hollow optimism and promises; they believe in action and if the promises made to them are actually delivered thereafter. Wanting and desiring to be a strong woman is way easier than actually being strong.

A truly empowered and strong woman would be the first one to realize that there is no point to wasting time on assholes and will always act upon this realization. They value their time and effort, and know very well that being in their own company is much better than spending time on assholes that do not deserve their attention. She knows that she can make herself happy and be complete on her own.

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A strong woman would rather put her mental, emotional and physical efforts into her own self rather than into someone who would not appreciate her true worth. She is aware of her own value and will at no cost be treated less than what she deserves. Having a woman like this in your life is truly a gift but you have to treat her right.

A truly strong woman recognizes life beyond just a relationship. She is completely capable of building a life for herself on her own and be happier than she would be with someone who does not cherish and appreciate the true wonder that she is. She realizes that being comfortable in one’s own company is essential. She is a great judge of people, owing to the hardships she has faced in her life.

All of this does not even for once mean that she would not welcome love in her life; she is just not on an active lookout for it at all times. She wants to be with someone who is worthy and will give as much as she will into the relationship. She wants someone who will try and work to keep moving forward the best that they can. She is not the one for temporary things. Once she is with someone, she wants it to last forever and for it to be something truly worthwhile.

A strong woman will not give her happiness up for an asshole that does not understand her worth, or does not value her as much as she deserves to be valued. She is a complete human being by herself, capable of making herself happy and feeling as content as someone possibly could.

In life, we often settle for things that are less than what we truly deserve. It is something everyone does at some point in life, but that does not mean that it is the right thing to do. All women should work on trying to be the strongest that they possibly can and not be treated any less than they deserve to be.

Five Habits Every Strong Woman Keeps:

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