If You Have Experienced Any of These 32 Symptoms You Are A Natural Born Spiritual Healer

Spiritual healers or shamans have the special ability to heal people’s soul. It is not necessary that they should live near secluded mountain tops or specialized ashrams. Spiritual healers can be anyone. It could be your friend or someone you met recently. These are the 32 symptoms which show whether you are a spiritual healer in disguise or if you maybe know one!

1. You think differently than others

You are open and non-judgmental whenever someone approaches you for help. You think differently than the rest.

2. People always ask you for your advice

Your aura is so welcoming that people seek you out to take your advice on issues that bother them.

3. You are a people reader

You know when something is troubling someone. You can read people by their body language, actions and what they say.

4. You look at the bigger picture

You are not a person that gets caught up in the smaller things. You always look at the larger things in life which are positive and happy.

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5. You feel different than the rest

At times, you feel like an outcast with no one around who is like you. It’s not that you don’t fit in, but you don’t feel as if you truly do.

6. You respect life

You have a deep respect for life, not just of human life but the life of any living creature.

7. You tend to attract broken people 

You draw all those who are spiritually broken and need fixing. But it is all because of a deeper reason. They come to you because you will heal and fix them. But don’t overlook your own problems.

8. You are always willing to give 

You cannot say no to those who need help. You feel as if you are compelled to fix these people. You give freely and expect nothing in return.

9. You’ve had your own struggles too

Being a healer doesn’t mean that you haven’t experienced pain and suffering. You have learned your lessons and those have shaped you into the amazing person that you are.

10. You want to work in the healing field

You try to find jobs which involve healing or helping others like a doctor or a social worker. Any job in which you can save and help others. That is your passion.

11. You avoid large groups

You cannot stand to stay in a large group because it drains you emotionally and spiritually. You would rather love an intimate gathering of close friends and family members.

12. You love nature

You just feel like home whenever you are in a natural environment. Nature’s effect on you is calming and soul soothing.

13. People love to open up to you

You are easy to talk to and you care for other people. That is why they love talking to you and opening up. They know you are always here for them.

14. You can tell when someone is sick

Nothing can get past you. You can immediately notice if someone is not feeling well.

15. You enjoy helping others

You love helping other people and that makes you feel good. It brings joy to you knowing that you have helped someone in need.

16. You hear and sense things that others cannot 

Your power to heal sometimes goes beyond the physical reality. You have had many mystical encounters.

17. You are very intuitive

You are highly intuitive and can sometimes scare people with your intuitive faculties because it is so accurate!

18. You have vivid dreams 

Your dreams can be very vivid and dramatic. You might have visions of something happening in the future.

19. Your energy affects everyone

Your energy can affect people around you. Your happiness and cheerfulness affects everyone and puts them in a good mood. You always maintain to have your spirits high.

20. You deeply care about others

You are very selfless and you care about everyone around. You love to see people happy and it brings joy when you help them feel better.

21. You see the foolishness around

You can see all that is wrong with the world and the people in it.

22. You pay attention 

You pay attention to everything that is going on around you. You are also highly sensitive to energy and can detect everything.

23. You are an animal person 

You love animals and animals love you and like to be around you. They are sensitive to people like you and will naturally come to you.

24. You feel the emotions of others

Whatever someone around you is feeling, you are feeling it too. You can sense how anyone is feeling.

25. People around you don’t get sick much

Those who are closest to you do not fall ill that often. You keep them in good spirits by constantly loving them and you do what you can to prevent sicknesses.

26. You love healing crystals 

You need healing crystals around because they help you to boost your spirits.

27. You are sensitive to energies 

You are much more sensitive than other people and you feel things that most people cannot.

28. You go out of your way for people

You would do anything and would go the extra mile to help or do something for someone.

29. Empathy manifests as physical pain

You can feel what others do. But sometimes, you can literally feel someones physical pain onto your own body.

30. You have been diagnosed with anxiety 

So many intakes of energy and feeling others’ emotions sometimes gives you high anxiety. This kind of stuff can be too much for anyone, but you handle it pretty well.

31. Children love you

Children know and can sense a good and a true genuine person when they see one. They simply love you.

32. You are such an amazing listener

All this can’t be achieved if you shut your ears tight and speak endlessly. You listen deeply and really focus on what the other person is saying, which makes you catch the little things too.

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