Stay Single Until You Find Someone Like This (According to Myers-Briggs Personality Type)


You would be much better alone until you find someone who makes celebrations out of every little thing about you. You do not do well with indifference. Stay single until you find the person who gives you the space to feel comfortable and let out every thought you have in your mind and really let you be yourself. Find someone who lets you fly but also keeps you grounded at the same time.


It would be wise for you to stay single until you meet someone who is always up to debate with you, no matter what the debate might be about. Someone who wants keep things going. Do not settle until you meet someone who looks beyond the bad in your personality and loves you anyway, someone who genuinely wants you to be successful and find your piece of the sky, while achieving whatever they want in their lives.

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Don’t settle for anyone who is not ready for commitment and does not make it clear how much they want you. Do not be with people who like to take advantage of your kindness and generosity. Stay single until you come across someone who realizes that sometimes you need to be taken care of too. You should not be running after someone who does not recognize the efforts you are putting in to have a relationship, but someone who appreciates and reciprocates.


Stay single until you find someone who does not gets scared easy. Someone who does not shy away from the deep emotions that you and them reciprocate. Your perfect match would be someone who realizes that you are a work in progress, like everyone else around, and just lets you be. They should not be looking at you like a project they need to work on but truly accept you from the deepest corners of their understanding. They let you fly free.


Don’t date until you find someone who makes dating not feel like a chore, but rather something you actually enjoy. You need someone who does not feel intimidated by how smart you are but is enamored by it, and wants to explore it with you. Do not settle until you find someone who makes you feel secure and does not flirt with other people.


Date someone who is actually amazed and enamored by the person that you are, someone who treats you like their first priority and genuinely wants you to be happy and successful in life. Stay single until you find someone that does not make you feel like your spontaneous nature is a weird quirk but actually encourages and enjoys it. Date someone who does not try to hold you back or limit you.


You would be much happier alone until you meet someone who does not consider your compassion to be naive but actually admires and appreciates it. Stay single until you meet someone who appreciates your generous personality but does not take advantage of it; someone who offers as much as affection and support as you do in a relationship.


Do not get into a relationship with someone who does not understand that your confidence is not arrogance and respects you. You will not find happiness in life if you are with someone who constantly tries to out do you because you are doing extremely well for yourself, but someone who finds happiness in your success and makes you feel secure.


You need and deserve someone who wants and values commitment as much as you do. The perfect person for you does not find relationships and consistency to be boring but actually finds comfort in it. You are a responsible and dependable person and therefore the perfect person for you will not take your good nature for granted but will cherish you forever.


Do not date until you find someone who realizes how sensitive you are and has considerable regard for your feelings. The person you should be with should prioritize you over everyone else and make you feel needed and wanted. Your true soul mate should always want to spend time with you and will reciprocate when you support them through tough times.


Stay single until you find someone who is not guarded and wants to live life to the fullest and is truly adventurous, complimenting your nature. Wait for someone who does not make a big deal out of things but is true when it comes to feelings and affection. You will be truly happy with someone who lets you be free and does not make you feel like you are trapped.


You might be a little hard to read sometimes, and one might need to make a lot of effort to get to know the real you; therefore, you need someone patient to actually make genuine and sincere efforts to get to know you and never give up. Stay single until you find someone who supports your artistic nature and bring out the best in you, but never forces you.


You need to be with someone who is not scared of commitment but actually wants it. Your intense emotions should not scare them away and they should want to look deeper into who you are and not just be superficial. Stay single until you meet someone who is ready and wants to understand you completely.


Stay single until you meet the one that proves to you that being with you is amazing – something you didn’t quite think would happen. Be with someone who matches the level of loyalty and dedication that you provide to them. Be with someone who makes you want to step out of your comfort zone.


You need to wait for someone who doesn’t like settling for whatever, but is actually quite adventurous. Someone who understands you completely and makes you want to spend all of your time with them. Wait for someone that is confident in themselves and has an independent personality just like yours but is very excited to spend their time and life with you.


Stay single until you meet someone that is not scared from your competitive spirit but instead they love that quality about you and it motivates them to do better themselves. Wait for someone that walks along with you and loves going after their dreams and goals together with you. Someone that is not offended when you decide to take the lead in something that you are clearly more skilled than them.

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