10 Weird Signs Reveal That You Are Highly Intelligent, According To Science

It’s not really easy to spot intelligent people around us. Sometimes, they don’t express their intelligence. Or, they don’t talk much. It might also be that you’re one of those highly smart people, but just don’t know it yet! Science has said that these intelligent people have some common characteristics which can be used to identify them. So here are some weird qualities to recognize intelligent people by!

1. You try learning from the mistakes you make

You know how to accept your mistakes and you try to learn from them. You want to improve so that the mistake is not repeated and made again. Researchers from Michigan University have studied these people. They noticed that people who believe that they can take lessons from our past errors are the ones who become better versions of themselves.

2. Your arguments are smartly made

People who argue smartly, by making meaningful points about the topic, are said to be more intelligent. You listen to what the other person has to say, and you value their opinions. Studies show that arguing with intelligence helps to create a better bond between the people. It shows them how their viewpoints are respected.

3. You deny your intelligence

The Dunning-Kruger effect says that people who are greatly intelligent, don’t really think that they’re smart. On the other hand, stupid people tend to take pride in how smart they are. A test shows how some people said they aren’t that clever and gave an amazing performance, whereas, others who said that they are super smart, scored below average.

4. You are a fan of dark humor

Researchers have said that people who enjoy jokes which are dark and disturbing, tend to be super intelligent. Not everyone can understand or enjoy such jokes. It takes some special talent to do so.

5. You like loneliness

Studies by Singapore Management University show that low-IQ and high-IQ people are both unhappy, even though they live in highly populated areas. It also notices how intelligent people have trouble making friends. So, having too many people around them makes them unhappy. They like being on their own.

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6. You are lazy

Do you enjoy watching your favorite TV shows on the couch the whole day? If yes, it is a sign that you have lots of deep thinking to do. Intelligent people are more lazy because they constantly think about many things. On the other hand, non-thinkers are more active as they get bored quickly and have too much time to do things.

7. You have tried illegal drugs

Sometimes, intelligent people don’t do things that suit them. It may be that you need an escape from reality too bad, for which you used it. Studies show that smart children have a possibility to take illegal drugs in the future. Higher IQ is connected with usage of drugs.

8. You do not believe in God

People who do not believe in God are supposedly more intelligent. Smart people tend to have too many theories about how God doesn’t exist. They also get success in life which don’t make them need God for help. Studies have discovered that the most religious people have low intelligence and that they rely on The Almighty.

9. You don’t share inspirational quotes on social media

Researchers have concluded that people who enjoy and believe inspiring quotes and messages are likely to have low intelligence. They don’t really understand the real matter but love the use of complex words. Intelligent people tend to stay clear of such things.

10. You’re the first-born child in your family

According to research, the child who is born first is likely to be smarter than the next. It may be because the first child gets a certain preference from parents, and more support.

Do you identify with these points? If you do, you now understand how intelligent you are. Rather than just being smart with studies, these little qualities make you a highly intelligent human!



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