The Number Of Horses You Spot in This Picture Reveals Your Personality

While most of us are fortunate enough to have the gift of sight, what is it that makes human vision different from that of animals?

It is our perception of what we see. How we interpret what we see speaks volumes about our personalities. When we look at an image, what we are most drawn to in it reflects what kind of people we are.

If you are curious about your personality, take this little test and find out the deepest aspects of your mind.


The game is pretty simple, just glance at the picture given above for two seconds and count the number of horses you see at one go.


Now use your interpreted number to find your personality from the ones given below.

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One Horse:

You are spontaneous and broad-minded. You don’t like getting into the intricacies of things and prefer to see the bigger picture instead. This helps you make decisions faster instead of getting stuck on a minute detail.
You are great at managing situations and making quick decisions. Your ability to reach a satisfactory conclusion, before your colleagues have even begun to process the information, makes you an asset in any decision-making body.
Being able to take quick decisions also, of course, means that you are hasty and often might end up missing important details. While you have the capability to bring about great change, nurture your qualities instead of always taking a short-cut.

Between 5 & 10:

You try to be a perfectionist and prefer not taking things lightly. While drawing a conclusion, your decision-making process is logical and sensible. However, you have a very haphazard way of processing information which often leads you into trouble.

You are a rolling stone, always on the move. Sure, you speed up or slow down depending on your environment, but you have to be productive all the time; the first to get on the move and the last to come to rest.

As someone who never gives up and never stops, it might be hard for you to accept failure. You end up overdoing things that you mess up and making a bad situation worse. But eventually, it all works out for you!

11 Or More:

You are an absolute perfectionist.

A person naturally drawn to details, you have an eye for the bits most people fail to see. This habit comes in handy when you’re working in a group. People love working with you because you are the fail safe who has considered all the possibilities and always has an answer.

Being a perfectionist, however, isn’t the most perfect thing though. You are often tangled up in the middle with too many unsolved endings. Because you are a stickler for details, you never really know when to stop. You keep pushing yourself a little more than necessary and that is not always a great thing!

Your constant need for perfection might be exhausting, so you should take the time out to lay back and relax at times. Try surrounding yourself with people that you trust who can tell you when to draw the line, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

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