The Ultimate Secret in Every Religion That Has Been Hidden From The Public For Centuries

Each of the spiritual and holy traditions has a hidden truth underneath. It is called The Great Arcanum, meaning a deep secret, a mystery. All through the years it’s been a secret for common people. Mainly because it did not agree to certain religious beliefs.

We all know who a “soulmate” is. It’s a person who shares an unbreakable bond with you. Someone who will be with you forever. It can be the person you love, your mother, father, siblings, children, or friend. But not many of us know about “twin flame”. A spiritual link between the mind, body and the soul, through Kundalini awakening, is a “twin flame”.

Sanskrit word Kundalini is an energy which is stored at the base of the spine. Kundalini awakening can happen when you’ve found your own twin flame, experienced a personal shock, or by skills taught by masters.

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We find mention of Kundalini in ancient works like Mahabharata, in studies of alchemy as “Great Arcanum”, as also “Emerald Tablets”. Free Masonry call it 33*. The Kundalini energy has to go up the 33 vertebrae of the spine to reach the crown of our head. That is when the energy of the universe can be known. The chakra energy helps to increase brain and heart functions.

All religions show the same thing by using symbols. For example,7 chakras in Hinduism and Buddhism, the 7 deadly sins and 7 gateways to Heaven in Christianity, circling Kaaba 7 times in Islam.

The mind, body, and spirit crave for knowledge during Kundalini. The brain tries to balance its two hemispheres (left and right) by knowledge, changes in actions and understanding. It makes us realize who we really are and how we are connected to this world. Though it is ecstatic in the beginning, the sudden discovery of all the truth in the world is a lot to take in. You have to let go of all your worldly actions and emotions to fully dedicate yourself to finding the universal truth.

My Kundalini experience pushed me towards reading about various ancient texts, stories, beliefs and concepts. I realized that “twin flame” is talked about in all the religious unions of Gods and Goddesses. Finding our twin flame takes a lot of determination and willpower, which is also true for Kundalini.

We make efforts to find a balance in ourselves. In turn, we also find that balance in another person. This person will be the “twin flame”. We notice that in the holy unions of Lord Shiva with Shakti, and of Jesus and Magdalene. Such sacred unity of twin flames is powerful and rare. They connect on deeper levels. The connection is telepathic, even if they are miles apart. The union of powerful twin flames might even mean that they have a very important destiny.

The science of the stars will keep leading you toward your twin flame until and unless you find it. It is in our nature to take birth, life after life in search of our twin flame.

Sadly, certain aspects of politics, religion, and culture, along with a thirst for more riches, also consist human nature. It is the age of technology which makes us lazy. All such things are taking us away from nature. Even the toxins such as fluorine, chlorine and bromine affect the Pineal gland. This gland secretes several hormones which control our emotions. But the toxins lower our will to do things, reduce IQ and makes us lazier. If we are disconnected from nature, the mind cannot be calm enough to have Kundalini. So our twin flame stays secret.

Science lets us know that energies are created by the different arrangements of planets in the solar system. This results to a magnetic pull which is related to the Earth’s electromagnetic field. When it changes, the energies connected to us also change. That’s how “the stars align” and things happen in our lives.

This theory was recorded in ancient calendars. It might be true that the hidden government, which stays in control for ages, knew of this theory. But this great secret was kept from common people – “Great Arcanum”. If people knew of such things, there would be peace everywhere. And how will the rulers rule if there’s no problem? We must come forward to know what we deserve to know. It is our birthright. Our human experience is a special one. So let’s wake up now and take what is ours. It’s time we know the truth.

Because, “Knowledge is Power” – “Applied knowledge is Freedom”.

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