December 18th New Moon — Here Are 10 Powerful Tips To Use The Energy Shift to Your Maximum Benefit

Our lives are greatly influenced by the New Moon especially by the one ending this year, or to be precise on December 18th.

It is making our life cycles align with the greater cycle of nature. All our lives are flowing in a rhythm. Through our journey of life, we are constantly creating, destroying, facing troubles and overcoming them. Each one of us is destined to do some things in life which follow a pattern. That is what we are born to do. And that is how we sail through our everyday life, month after month and year after year.

The cycle of the moon completes every 29 days. It gives us a perfect rhythm to follow.

The lunar cycle

We can see the moon when we look up to the sky. Isn’t that a great reminder for us? The moon cycle gives us a perfect rhythm that we can follow for making positive changes in our lives. On the day of Full Moon, the moon is shining in its brightest glory and lighting up every dark corner. How beautiful and inspiring that scene is!

This day can thus be used as the beginning of your cycle of growth. The cycle will give you the opportunities to dream, imagine, make positive changes in life, understand people around you and learn from your experiences.

You’ll make the best possible version of your life as this goes on. In this creative journey, the first step is to set up a goal or a target.

Here are 10 great tips to help you form and achieve your goal on New Moon.

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1. Fix your mind about what you want

This is possibly the most important thing to remember! Do you really want this process to help you? If yes, then fix your aim and be clear about it. Knowing exactly what you wish for makes it easier for the universe to understand it.

2. Make a list of the things you want

Writing down the goals you have will increase the chances of them being fulfilled. When dreams are written down, the process of making them come true, begins. The ideas in mind are changed to reality.

3. Include the elements to create your purpose

The elements of nature, the air, water, fire and earth, each have important roles in the universe. They also have certain energies which can be helpful in reaching your goal. Therefore, including them in your ritual would boost the process.

4. Make a talisman for the New Moon

Any small object like a crystal, a stone, even a small piece of jewelry can be your New Moon talisman. This talisman keeps power inside it. Keep it in your hands or press it to your heart when you are setting your goal. You can carry it around as a reminder of your goals to keep yourself encouraged and hopeful.

5. Summon your guardian angels to guide you

Ask for help from your guardian angels to guide you towards your goal. When you have a purpose, having that extra inspiration is always great!

6. Share ideas with your friends

Sharing your ideas and dreams with friends helps spread the energy. The dreams take a place in their lives which helps making them come true.

7. Enjoy what you’re doing

If you’ve signed up for the New Moon ritual, do things that you enjoy. This will help you keep your enthusiasm and energy high. Read a good book, meet new friends and go to places you like.

8. Stop thinking about the how and when

Life has a lot of surprises for us. Do not think too much about how or when things are going to happen. If you worry about how the result will come, you put limits on what you can do. It’s alright if the journey towards success comes unexpected.

9. Trust is important

Believe in the Universe when you set your goal. It will try to give you all the goodness you deserve.

10. Look for the signs and follow them

After setting the target, you’ll be getting signs all through the cycle. Identify those signs and understand what they’re telling you. This will re-shape your life to the positive direction.

Follow these advice for fixing your goal for the New Moon ritual. They are sure to guide you through the New Moon cycle and help to give you what you wish for!

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