13 Reasons Why Men Won’t Handle A Strong Independent Woman

A strong independent woman can either be a strong man’s best dream or a weak one’s worst nightmare. It completely depends on how you unleash her.

As tempting as it sounds to be with a strong woman, it might not be as easy to handle them firstly because most men confuse ‘handling’ a strong woman with ‘controlling’ them.

Only a wise man can treat a strong woman like a queen and still keep her head in place. To specify more, here are the 13 reasons why men won’t handle a strong independent woman:

1. You can’t boss her around

She might allow you to order the dish of your choice but never mistake it as an allowance to boss around her. She makes her own decisions. It is the most vital part of her personality. She is smart and sure enough in herself to do her own thing and make her own decisions, and if you ever try to boss her around, it won’t end well.

2. She will always call you out when you are wrong

Don’t expect sugar-coated words and ignorance from a strong woman. If she has made you a part of her life, she will call you out on your flaws and if you are worthy enough, she might also help you correct them. She always keeps it real.

3. Her time is precious

She doesn’t wait. She respects herself enough to respect her time. Second chances and apologies aren’t her cups of tea. She will not wait for you to man up and correct your actions. So, assure yourself that when she decides on walking out on you, it is over. So try not to waste her time.

4. Consistency is the key

She doesn’t want a lot from you. However, she does expect a little but constantly. A strong woman cannot tolerate a boy who behaves according to his moods.

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5. Her eyes are always set on her goal

She might make you a part of her life, but it is definite that her world won’t revolve around you. She has set her goals and ambitions really high and she shall achieve it. She places her mind over her feelings. She is very much driven towards her ambitions so don’t try to stop her or stand in her way.

6. No reassurances needed

Be sure that she has you because she wants you. Not because she needs you. So act like it. She does appreciate your compliments but she is fine even without them. She isn’t insecure about herself because she knows her worth.

7. She is her own army

She fights her own battles and pats her own self. Yes. That is how independent that woman is. She has the soul of a warrior. Don’t misunderstand her soft exterior. She doesn’t need a man to fight her battles, and trust that she is very good at doing that herself.

8. Life is no game

She doesn’t have the time and energy to play petty games. That’s what teenagers do, and you are both adults. It’s either black or white. You can keep the grey lines to yourself because she surely isn’t here to accept them.

9. Her love is unconditional

A strong woman’s love is equally as powerful as her soul. You won’t need anyone if you have her by your side. She will stick through thick and thin. She will love you on your bad days just as much she does on your good days.

10. Her passion speaks for her

She has the fire in her eyes and a remarkable depth in her soul when she speaks about something she is passionate about. And you can feel it when you’re around her.

11. Lying to her is dumb

She can see right through you so don’t even try lying to her. If you’re caught once, she will question everything you ever said. And there is no way you can regain her trust. She doesn’t often give first chances to people. Let alone second.

12. Straight mind

She makes her own rules. She knows what she stands for and what she doesn’t accept.

13. She is crazy too

Don’t think strong can’t be crazy. She has her crazy side and it will only be unleashed when you’ve reached that level in her life.

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