17 Traits All Empaths Have But Don’t Like to Admit

Empaths are very unique individuals. They just can’t help but be intense. They don’t just read the emotions of others, but they actually feel it. So no wonder there are some things in life in which the empaths stand quite apart from everyone else, but their temperament makes them apprehensive of this difference and they don’t like to be reminded much of it.

Here we have listed 17 traits of an empath that they don’t want to admit that they have:

1. They are much more likely to be an introvert. Being around too many people drains them, so they’d rather spend their time in the comfort and quiet of their home rather than being in a noisy group.

2. They follow their gut feeling. And their instincts are pretty much very intense and have a high probability of being right. They are very intuitive and they simply know things.

3. They are very generous and kind, but that also makes them vulnerable and they know it. Even though they are always ready to help people, they sometimes fear that they are being used.

4. After a busy day, they need a lot of alone time to replenish their energy. They drain out much sooner than the others because their experiences are so intense and being around others makes them exhausted.

5. They can be the life of any party, but first you have to make them get out of their shell. They are pretty funny once you get to know them and they have an excellent sense of humor.

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6. They will never apologize or feel guilty about who they are. Although they are usually soft-spoken, they are fierce when it comes to their own identity. They have a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude that they don’t change for anyone. They are always true to who they are.

7. Having said that, they are also much kinder than most people you’d encounter. They can feel the emotions of other people and therefore are much more respectful towards nearly everyone. They are nice and they treat everyone with kindness and respect.

8. They pick on the energies of other people. To be able to do so, one would have to be extremely sensitive. It is very easy for them to experience what we call a sensory overload.

9. And whenever anything like that happens, they run off to nature to find solace. The bond between nature and them is very strong. They draw energy from it and heal themselves every time the world seems a bit too much. When in nature, they feel like home, and they recharge faster than ever.

10. They are quite prone to getting addicted to things they like. But they are also in control of themselves enough to know when things are going beyond the safe limit.

11. They can act moody sometimes because of how many emotions they go through at a daily basis. This is not their fault and they always make sure to apologize when that happens.

12. They are quite picky about the things they want to do or not. And once they’ve made their mind about something, it is very hard to change their opinion. They will never do things that they do not enjoy.

13. They always have the back of the underdog. They know what it means to be the unpopular or vulnerable and so they are extremely kind to these people and always willing to give them a leg up.

14. They have an uncanny sense that kind of tells them when someone is being untrue or vindictive towards them. This is because they can experience your emotions, so lying to them is not exactly the best idea. They can always tell when somebody is lying.

15. They are too high strung. Because of how many emotions they go through each day, and how intense their feelings are, they are always just some misstep away from completely losing it.

16. They are easy targets for those who feed off on the energies of other people. These energy sucking vampires just take and take but they never give. Empaths always seem to be their target.

17. They are capable of a love much stronger than what ordinary people experience. Just like every other emotion, they feel love a lot intensely as well.

Image was originally taken by Maja Topčagić

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