The 6 Zodiac Signs That Are More Likely To Suffer From Depression

Horoscope and zodiac is a big indicator of a lot of things in your life. By studying your horoscope sign, you can find out more about yourself and your personality than you can imagine. It can say much, if not all, about someone’s character, personality, love life, work life and pretty much your behavior in any area in your life. It can say a lot about your love relationships and compatibility with your love partner too.

In this case, it reveals a lot about the depression in the life of these 6 zodiac signs that are more likely to become depressed than the other 6 zodiac signs. It is simply the nature of these signs of the Zodiac.

Check out if your sign falls in this list of the 6 zodiac signs who are more likely to suffer from depression in their life.

Capricorn (12th Dec – 22nd Jan)

Adjectives such as headstrong and zealous can easily describe the nature of a Capricorn. They crave for success and their enthusiasm makes them challenge their own limits of work. Often they overburden themselves with work that they fail to complete. This hits them hard with melancholia. Capricorns also have a tendency to drag small problems into a big heap of burden; therefore, increasing the chances of misunderstanding. Failure is a big fear for them and it takes much time to gulp the taste of the same. As a solution, small breaks from monotonous life is needed, and remembering that nature heals almost all pain.

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Taurus (20th April- 20th May)

There is a thin line between dreams and fantasy. Taurus often fails to realize that difference. Truth can be hard to digest sometimes and this becomes the root of sadness in the life of a Taurus. They take up more work load than they can ever do and fantasize about the success that hardly has any chance of coming with this procedure. Taurus too, like Capricorn, needs to take a break from work and needs to try to fill the leisure with works such as trying new recipes and decorating household.

Scorpio (23rd Oct – 21st Nov)

Some people tend to place every single aspect of their life on a same scale; the importance level remains exactly equal for each aspect. Scorpio is one of them. No matter whoever leaves or goes away, the level of melancholia remains same. Scorpio cannot handle loss properly; sadness engulfs and fills that void for long. They take time to cope up with the fact but any new addition of people or aspects can brighten them up again.

Pisces (19th Feb – 20th March)

Pisces tops the list of being melancholic. Though there is no exact reason for their sadness, they are very sensitive and kind hearted people. Bad mouth and being attacked – they are not that kind of strong people to handle all of this and these turn outs make their life miserable. There are many ways to cope up with this unusual stress. Nature which is known as the best healer can come to your rescue, spending some time in the water or sitting alone with a good scenario in front can help. Otherwise they tend to shut down the world and snug into the cave of sleep to eliminate sadness.

Cancer (21st June – 22nd July)

It is kind of a natural characteristic of a Cancer to think about the negatives and invite sadness. The shy, introverted, anxious and gloomy cancer can anytime and anywhere get dived in melancholia and stay in that state for long. Their emotions have no boundaries. As a recommendation, Cancers might need their loved one for healing. Also doing things of craft and color pushes out the monotony of sadness.

Gemini (21st May – 20th June)

Some people have the capacity to experience every emotion with intensity. Gemini being one of them also has a tendency to be in the melancholia zone often. Like anyone else, Gemini too are mixture of goodness and evil. But the ups and downs in life affect them the worst. This, most of the time, becomes a pattern where sadness comes one day or the other. There are certain ways to remove this. Those include staying busy in life, refreshment with friends and spicing up things with dinner date.

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