Do Not Marry a Guy Who Has These 15 Habits

Tying the knot with the person who does not even come close to the Mr. Ideal you have imagined can be one of the worst mistakes of your life. It is indeed very difficult to be with someone who doesn’t value and respect you and your choices, aspirations and dreams.

It is not at all a crime to evaluate people, and it is very essential to do so in case of someone that you’re willing to marry! A few mannerisms are listed below, and if the person you’re thinking about spending your life with shows quite a number of them, you should not proceed further at any cost.

1. Thinks From a Narrow Perspective

A person who doesn’t think from a broad perspective can really be a terrible person to marry. Your life can be harmed by the negativity that these people propagate.

2. Doesn’t Like Animals

We often come across people who do not like animals, and it is advised to not get involved with them. These people may even ask you to pick between them or your pet! It’s one thing if they are allergic to animals, but if they simply hate animals then you shouldn’t be with such person.

3. Doesn’t Abide by Relationship “Decorum”

This is never a favorable indication. Every relationship stands upon certain mutually accepted norms and it can never be healthy if the person keeps on disregarding them.

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4. Fails and Breaks Promises

It is very natural for anyone to not always fulfill their promises, but you should be cautious if he/she continues doing this over and over again. This implies that the person is deceiving you and you will always be ending up disappointed.

5. Considers You Less Significant

Both of the two people in a relationship should prioritize each other to the same amount. Otherwise it becomes very hard to sustain if one of you feel “less loved”. You need to be their priority always!

6. Never Doubts Himself

A person who does not have moments of self-doubt is not a great person to be with. You should never marry someone like this. You shouldn’t be with someone who always thinks that they are correct about everything and doesn’t even care about your views.

7. Gives Too Many Excuses

Too many excuses almost always means that your partner has more important things in life to attend to and you do not matter to him/her to a great extent.

8. Allows Clashes to Continue

There are very few relationships where fights do not occur. It is not unusual to have disagreements, but everyone should try to end arguments healthily instead of letting it drag on unnecessarily.

9. Always Has the Last Word

Although it’s great to be a good talker, a good partner should not always stop you whenever you are saying anything, otherwise it is evident that he/she considers your opinions insignificant.

10. Lies

Honesty is among the most important qualities that a person needs to have, particularly in the aspect of relationships. A few lies here and there may be forgivable but it should be a matter of concern if the lies are repeated. Everybody tells a white lie sometimes, but they shouldn’t be lying to you, especially not about big and important things.

11. Depends Too Much On You

A proper healthy relationship involves two independent people who do not rely on each other too much. Otherwise, it is a signal of mistrust or that the other person is a little too insecure.

12. Can’t Tolerate Family

No matter how things are, giving up on family is never the choice of a wise person. A person who doesn’t stick to his family can never be a good marriage partner.

13. Smokes

This doesn’t affect relationships that much if you don’t have any problems with it. However, it is not advisable to be with someone who never listens to you when you are constantly asking him/her to stop. If you don’t like to be with someone that smokes, but you are in a relationship with a smoker, keep in mind that eventually that will start to bother you a lot!

14. Shows Lack of Maturity

An immature person can never be good at keeping a relationship. He/she will always be throwing unnecessary tantrums. Therefore, this kind of a person won’t be good for you.

15. Abuses You

Finally, the worst thing you can have is an abusive partner.

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