How January’s Super Blue Blood Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The Super Blue Blood Moon is occurring on 31st January this time. It’s a Supermoon so it is going to appear bigger than ordinary; Blue because it is the month’s second full moon and Blood because the lunar eclipse will make the Moon look red.

Now, such an event is bound to have a significant impact on the signs so here is a rundown of what each sign can expect.


The unique energies which are associated with this kind of phenomenon will help you find a sense of balance which you have been longing for. Helping others though might not be your first instinct, but it is highly recommended to you during this time.


You might not feel particularly in sync with the energies of this event. But it is advised that you hold your own until the time it passes. Instead of active resistance, choose the path of passive bearing and you will come out of this experience having learned something valuable.


For the twins, this time is going to be quite challenging. Even though it is your very nature to be open and frank with everyone, it is advised that you learn to keep some things to yourself. You might be shocked by a betrayal so be prepared.


The Super Blue Blood Moon is going to be positive for some signs and the foremost among them is Cancer. You will finally get something which you have always wanted or needed. You might not even know you wanted it until the time you get it.

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For Leo, the spotlight might get dimmed for a while. Do not think of this time as a tragedy; rather focus on the solitude to do some much needed introspection. Look for the little things which bring joy to you instead of feeling down.


Virgos have a very rough deal cut out for them. Not the best time for things like relationships, so you might want to avoid investing too much of yourself into that right now. There might be many painful things in hold for you but you will have to learn to brave them yourself.


You might feel that you are in a rut and nothing seems to be going your way. Well to make all of this go away, you need to work on it rather than simply grumbling about it. So brave this time and you will get through this if you try hard enough.


The time might seem exceptionally dark for the Scorpios right now. There are going to be quite a few heartbreaks and the likes in the times to come. But, this too shall pass.


It is high time that you should start getting your life back in shape. Outline your goals and start working towards them right now. This time is good for taking active participation in your life because the energies won’t let you stay at a standstill.


On the positive side, you have certain betterments in life to look forward to. But, you need to keep your emotions in check and not let them run wild when the time is not right.


This time will bring a unique sense of freedom for you. It would be as if everything that has been holding you back for so long has finally let go.


You will be processing very intense feelings during this phenomenon. The best way to deal with it is to hold your own and not to make any big decisions until it is over.

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