If You Experience Any Of These 3 Signs After Meeting Someone, You’ve Known Them In A Past Life

We are not able to consciously remember about our past existence but still that memory of our past is stored in our subconscious and comes back to us in bits and pieces when we interact with the world around us.

Not a single soul is born with an empty subconscious slate. The memory of the past is not stored as a whole, but only the parts which our soul thought that are crucial are stored there. This information continues to stay with us until the time we are able to fulfill the karma. The stored information then comes back in parts when our subconscious is triggered by certain situation, people or places.

The existence of souls is beyond space and time, as they exist on a very high dimension. But for them to grow and to move out of the present dimension, they need to interact with others. And when you meet a soul whom you have met in the past lives, then your mind and body behave in an unexplained way.

In this article we are sharing with you the signs that you’ll experience when you meet someone who you know and have met in one of your past lives.

1. Feeling of instant repulsion or connection

You can experience either repelled or attracted to the person you are meeting whom you know from your past lives. This attraction or repulsion is usually unexplainable and can leave you begging for answers if you are not sure why you are feeling a certain way.

When you feel instantly connected to them, chances are that they were your family members or close friends in past lives, or maybe even a love partner. Whereas if you are repulsed by them and cannot stand even their presence, or just their sight starts a weird reaction inside you, chances are that they have caused immense suffering and pain to you in the past lives and you are finding it difficult to forgive them. But if you let go of your grudges and forgive them, then your energy vibration will increase and your soul will be purified.

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2. Experiencing telepathic connection

Experiencing telepathic connection with people is a strong sign of past life connection. It is pertinent to understand that telepathic connection does not necessarily mean that you share mental messages with them. It can be more subtle also, like having a feeling that the other person is talking about you, or guessing what they are going to say next. Telepathic connection is a beautiful unsaid connection between souls which is hard to clarify, as it is beyond the barriers of space and time.

The people with whom you are sharing the telepathic connection must have been closer to you in the past lives and have most likely shared the cherished intimate moments. You have both dived deep into each others’ soul.

3. Seeing it in their eyes

Eyes are said to be the windows of the soul. If you look into the eye of the person and feel that you know them from ages ago and that you have seen those eyes thousands of times before, then this is a sure sign that you know them from past lives. Scientifically, we know that the iris of a person develops when they are inside their mother’s womb. This iris remains the same throughout our lives and thus gives us completely unique identity. Many believe that the pattern of iris does not change even after rebirth and thus we are mesmerized by some eyes just by looking at them. This instant connection is thus a concrete proof of you knowing them from your past lives.

What do you think about past life connections?

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