10 turn-on Qualities in women that make them Highly Desirable to Men

There are certain things that predicate desirability in human beings. The notions are a result of stereotypes and years of social conditioning, of course. But we aren’t going to discuss the controversies surrounding those.

Here, we will be enumerating ten qualities in women that make them desirable to men, because being attractive is not all it is, even though a lot of people assume it is just that.

So, here goes:

1. They are physically attractive

(One of the controversial ones, because who defines what is attractive.) This does not really mean (just) an aquiline nose and an hourglass figure; it is simply that intangible quality that makes certain women plain amazing to look at.

Philosopher Slavoj Zizek, had once cited how in a survey done in the USA, a majority of people found Cindy Crawford more desirable than Claudia Schiffer. The professor explains how that mole on Crawford’s face, which is in plain terms an imperfection, makes her more desirable.

It is inexplicable as to what little idiosyncrasy or aberration one finds attractive but that’s that.

2. Confidence is another important thing

Knowing how to carry oneself with confidence and to play one’s strengths are qualities of a Machiavellian. And men appreciate that even more because they aspire to embody those same qualities themselves.

Men find confidence to be one of the biggest turn-ons in women. They think they are inspiring as much as they are intimidating, and they simply love a good confident strong woman.

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3. A woman in control of things

A woman who has her own life sorted is a major turn-on for men. Handling tricky situations is of the essence to show that one in intelligent and in the groove of things.

A woman who can take control of things, and that a man can fully believe that she is capable of doing pretty much anything on her own, is found to be something that men have a lot of respect for.

4. A woman that makes her man look good

We’re not talking about holding his hand and looking good standing by him. We are talking more about being respectful and kind to him in front of others and being on his side and even defending him if needed.

This is a big gesture for all men. When you appreciate him in front of people he doesn’t know, it carves out a bigger territory of glory for him. Yes, it is a very rough way to put it, but it is true.

5. An independent woman

Economically and socially speaking, a woman who is independent and free is very attractive to be with. Besides, everyone finds the idea of having a helping hand around nice and comforting. Men wouldn’t mind offering you help if needed, but they also like having someone that they can ask for help when they are in need too.

6. (Really) great in bed

Sexual chemistry is a big thing, no matter how hushed up it is. A man likes a woman who can mix things up and take things in her control every once in a while in bed. Someone unafraid to exhibit what she is good at is, of course, a big bonus.

7. A woman desired by many

Remember Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships? There a reason why she is called the most beautiful of all mortal women. This is because she was desired by many.

The feeling of having someone who is desired by many but chooses to be with you, is a very good one; one that many men would go to immense lengths to find.

8. A determined woman

Someone who sets goals and pursues them till they are achieved, be it in a relationship or in life. Men find that a determined woman inspires them and makes them want to be better themselves.

9. A happy and cheerful woman

Men are experts at shirking off responsibilities. Being with someone who has issues like depression is a big challenge and men would rather choose to be with someone happy and cheerful.

That’s just the way they are. Of course the same thing might happen if the positions are reversed.

10. A woman that makes him a better man

Men want someone that they can open up to, someone that is a good listener and will advise them and guide them when needed. A good woman will simply make her man want to be better and do better by her. She will simply inspire him.

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