11 Unbelievable Habits Of People With Hidden Depression

There is a basic difference between being sad and being a clinically depressed person. The former is like an eclipse, the latter like perpetual night.

Depression is a disease that has reached ironically large, epidemic proportions. Large enough for depressed people to stop feeling like they are alone.

Sadly, however, they do. It’s a constant feeling of being numb and cold: of being useless and sad beyond comprehension, despite having everything going on in their life.

The only way it can be combated is by seeking professional medical help, and that is therapy.

The only way that will be possible though, is by recognizing the signs of depression that are hidden and obscure. This list might just help recognizing the sings that you, or somebody you know, might be suffering from depression:

1. They find unexpected ways to say what they feel

They are creative people. Despite being unable to articulate their feelings and sadness through their words, they make sure they express their emotions through one art form or the other. Think of someone like Sylvia Plath: morbidly depressed, poetess par excellence. They might not be very good with words, but they are usually great with some sort of art.

2. Their life is a constant struggle against unwanted thoughts

Their nerves are always on edge. They cannot stop the thoughts of suicide and death voluntarily, nor do they like having them in the first place.  Their life is a perpetual fight with their own selves as they struggle to stop succumbing to these thoughts.

3. Their walls are higher than usual

They are wary of everyone and everything, especially if said person or thing is something they are fond of. They are insecure of losing the people they love and at the same time of losing themselves to the people they love.

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4. They are hyper-rational

The only thing constant in their lives is the fact that they are doubtful about everything. They are never sure and their mind doesn’t let them rest or mull over a decision. This makes them all the more anxious about their decisions in life. They even tend to overthink things a lot and that is another thing that gives them high anxiety.

5. Hiding has been their favorite game

They have mastered social camouflage all their lives. Being wary is like their occupation and the only way they can avoid hazards is by hiding beneath impenetrable masks; facades of happiness and smiles. You won’t even know for years that a person whom you know very well was depressed.  They wouldn’t let their guard down easily.

6. They will never ask for help

They stifle their own cries for help by convincing themselves of two things: 1. they do not deserve help, being the bad person that they are and 2. Nobody is going to answer their plea anyway, so what is the use of trying. Of course both reasons are problematic and delusional, but it is well-nigh impossible to convince them.

7. Their biological clock is berserk

Their lives are chaotic. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping. Patients of depression seldom have regular sleeping hours.  Most commonly they are night-owls who keep awake, doing something that interests them or pursuing some artistic hobby. As a result, they end up sleeping till late all day, giving the impression that they are lazy.

8. They never believe people when they are told that they are loved

They seldom believe people when they are told things like “don’t worry I am going nowhere”. This is because people have abandoned them again and again in their lives.

9. They are their own suit of armor

After being abandoned over and over again, it is only natural that a person stops looking for help outside and instead guards themselves intensely. Patients of depression too are similar, hiding in their shells of introversion.

10. Strange diets

They will constantly crave foods that are necessarily unhealthy for them. This is part of the whole self-harm ritual they make themselves go through every day. Besides, they crave food at odd times of the day or night.

11. They are always prepared for the worst

Because it would be foolish to not be after seeing the worst scenario materialise throughout their lives.

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