11 Unusual Traits Children Tend to Inherit from their Fathers

At the time of birth, every child is compared with both the parents to see which feature they get and from whom.

Be it the appearance of the body or the characteristic traits, we look for similarities and find comfort in admiring the inheritance. We try to compare the child’s eyes or face shape or find similarities between the child and either of the parents in a lot of things.

But certain things about peoples children are only inherited by their father. We have a list of a few features which experts believe come from the father:

1. Erratic behavior

There has been identified a particular gene which determines the risk taking capability of a person. The experts state that if the male parent is into adventure and about challenging experiences, the child also carries the same genetic factor and turns out to have the same zeal of living the life on the edge. If the father of the child is someone who is a risk-taker, then chances are that the child will have that same characteristic.

2. Sex

Well, this is a scientific fact that the gender of the child depends on which chromosome gets passed down by the father. A male chromosome pair comprises of an X and a Y but it’s a pair of X’s for the females. So, if the X chromosome gets passed down by the male parent, it results in a girl child whereas a boy takes birth if the Y chromosome gets passed down.

3. Fingerprints

Fingerprints are, of course, unique to every human. All of us have different patterns on our fingers and thumb which are also associated with our identity in the databases. Although the exact same pattern does not get passed down to the child, there are some key patterns, swirls or lines, or you can say the nature of the fingerprints is inherited from the father.

4. Mental health disorders

Numerous researches and studies have been conducted to know about the causes of mental illnesses but there is an ocean of knowledge that is yet to be discovered in the area. Nonetheless, it has been found that a child is four times more likely to inherit a mental sickness from its father than from the mother’s DNA. Disorders like ADHD or schizophrenia, or even bipolar disorders, can be passed from the fathers DNA to the child.

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5. Dimples

Technically a dimple is simply an aberration in the facial skin but is, nonetheless, identified as a good looking feature that pops up when you smile. Studies show that dimples are hereditary and highly likely to be inherited from father.

6. Infertility

There are several reasons to infertility in a man. The most crucial being the infertility of the father. When a child is being conceived with a low concentration of sperm cells, there are high chances for the child to suffer from infertility when he grows up. If a child is conceived via an in-vitro fertilization because of a lesser sperm count, the child will most likely also have a low sperm count as an adult.

7. Height

Every parent expects their child to grow tall and healthy while there are a bunch of genes that ultimately give the body height. Although both parents’ genes contribute in determining the height of a child, usually if the male parent is taller, the child grows taller whereas if the father is short, so turns out to be the child.

8. Eye color

Here, genes from both father and mother contribute in determining the eye color of the child. The discoveries have shown that around 6 different genetic factors are responsible out of which brown and blue are most dominant.

9. Lips

The shape and appearance of lips remain unchanged over generations. As per the data, the dominant genes deciding the appearance of lips are usually from the father.

10. Heart problems

A specific genetic factor that increases the likeliness of heart disease by nearly 50% comes from the DNA of a father.

11. Dental issues

Apart from the obvious physical characteristics that come from the parents, the teeth and jaw of a child are determined by a gene that is transferred in from the father and hence the dental problems that come with them.

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